Lunchbreak shopping: Payless

American Eagle "Monroe" flat $9.99 (on sale, reg. $17.99), Payless
It's that time again. BOGO at Payless. I haven't been there in a few weeks, so I decided to check out any new merchandise they might have. I didn't see anything that interested me other than this shoe, so I didn't get to BOGO. When I got to the register, the salesgirl reminded me that it was BOGO for the twentieth time since I entered the store:
Salesgirl: "You know it's buy one, get one half off, right"?
Me: "Yes, I didn't see anything else I like".
S: "But, it's everything in the store, not just shoes."
M: "I know. I just want these shoes."
S: "Okay, but you're missing out on a really great sale."
M: "Lady, I gots to go."
I didn't mean to snap at her, but good lord, don't you think I would've been paying for more than one item if I wanted to take advantage of the sale? Sheesh, don't be so pushy, lol.


Anonymous said...

Like Tyra would say, "Girl you fierce!"

STYLEnosh said...

HA! People forget that it's okay to NOT buy something just because it's on sale. Kudos to you for withstanding the pressure! LOL

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's annoying but it's their job. They have to say that to people all day, I'm sure they hate it more than you do.

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