Now you can shop online @ Charlotte Russe

floral top $21.99
I may be a little late on this, but I just discovered that you can now shop online at Charlotte Russe. To me, this is pretty cool because the Charlotte Rusee in my local mall is kinda jacked up. The Charlotte Russe that was just recently built at the Gulf Coast Town Center is too far to drive. So now, instead of browsing online and hoping the store would have an item I like, I can just purchase it from the comfort of my own home. Sweet!


Ivy Frozen said...

Oh! I didn't know they started selling online. Looks like it doesn't have quite as good a selection as the store yet though, but it is still good news.

Btw, I've tagged you.

Caramel Diva said...

i haven't heard of charlotte russe before but you know who should start an online store Ross and TJ Maxx lol but seriously that would be great!

Rachel said...

WOW. Thanks for that info. I was just bemoaning a couple of days ago that I couldn't shop there online. Now I can. YEA!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Tell me about it. But this great hopefully they'll be updating the site soon with more items.