Weekend finds: I've finally got Bit(ten)

So, we drove over to Orlando this Friday to see comedienne, Sheryl Underwood, at the Orlando Improv. The first thing we did when we got into town was go shopping. We went into a Steve and Barry's and I ran right over to the Bitten stuff because I've been wanting to check it out for a while (we don't have a Steve and Barry's here in town). The stuff was okay. I tried on a few things, but they didn't fit me right. I ended up getting two pairs of thong sandals. As we were leaving, I noticed that the salesperson was putting away a new stock of white sailor pants. I wanted to try those on, but we had to leave.

thong sandals $7.98 each

I see that there are some Bitten items being sold on Ebay. If you don't have a Steve and Barry's in your town, then this might be the way to go, but some of the prices are ridiculous. The Bitten line is under $20, but I see some of the prices are well into the $30-$40 range.

I also bought these shoes from Wally World for $7. They look much cuter on.


Meg said...

Do you have any suggestions about where to shop in Orlando? My husband sometimes works there and I wouldn't mind tagging along sometime for a shopping trip. We'll actually be there Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

I love the Bitten line and SJP is having more fall clothes coming out mid august.! If you haven't yet CHEAP CHICA then you must try on SJP dark washed skinny,they're not really called skinny they're called straight fit but it looks a bit like skinny jeans.

Lavish Magazine said...

Cheap Chica, you've been tagged!

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The Cheap Chica said...

hey meg, try the florida mall, there are a lot of great stores in there. the orlando fashion square mall is nice, but it's a bit small. there are also a lot of great stores on orange blossom trail, like my infamous shoe land. i get most all of my cute and trendy shoes from there and they're just $10.99! there are too many more to list. have fun on your trip!

Dexie said...

i've been to S&B stores twice. One when we were on vacation in Upstate NY. bought a few BITTEN items. not really impressed by the line. boring. and I wore the BITTEN canvas shoes last weekend. my pinkies were burning. so yeah, don't buy those :)

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