Coming to a store near you!

Here's a list of some high end designers (and some celebs) debuting their collections at your favorite budget friendly stores:
  • Sept 16- Alice Temperly for Target: In stores now, just not at my local Target. I was hoping to try on a few pieces and possibly buy something from this line, but none of it was there. I asked one of the salespeople when they were getting it in and they asked me who's Alice Temperly. At select Target stores and Target.com
  • Sept 22- Ashley Judd for Goody's
  • Oct. 21- Hollywould for Target: The accessories collection will be in stores from Oct. 21 until January 19, 2008. For pics of this collection, check out Nitrolicious.
  • Nov.8- Roberto Cavalli for H&M: They really need to consider bringing H&M to Florida, lol. Either that or make items available for purchase online.
  • Nov. 18- Erin Fetherston for Target: Fashionista.com has pics of this collection.
  • Nov. 20- Patricia Fields for Payless: Select Payless stores and Payless.com

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tstyle said...

I know, that is so annoying that H&M isn't available online! I went to Chicago to check out the store for the first time & it was WAY too busy to even fathom trying on stuff, plus the store was just wrecked so finding my size was impossible.

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