Cute coats under $100

It's still a million degrees down here in Florida, so I won't be needing a coat for a while. By no means am I trying to rub it in. In fact, I would love for a cool breeze to come through here. I'm tired of sweating my perm out, lol. Anyway, I don't own too many coats- I have two that I rarely wear, but I'm thinking that I should buy one for this winter. I got my eyes set on a nice plaid coat or a nice trench. Here are some cute ones that I've found:

from left to right

  1. purple wool coat $45, Forever 21
  2. plaid cropped coat $15, The 15 Dollar Store
  3. red coat $67, Lulu's Fashion Lounge
  4. black belted coat $55, Forever 21
  5. black plaid coat $98, Urban Outfitters


Poster Girl said...

Great finds! I live in so. Cal. & I can't wait for it to cool down so I can wear a coat!

Anonymous said...

I live in Michigan (where the economy is always bad and the weather will kill you) so I greatly appreciated this girl! Thanks for the cute finds.

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