Lunchbreak shopping: Old Navy

I actually bought this stuff last Wednesday. Almost half the store was marked down and a lot of stuff was marked down to $1.97. I love it when Old Navy have $1.97 markdowns, but I also hate it because that's when a lot of the crazies come out, lol. You can be there minding your business, browsing away, when one of the crazy scavengers decide they want to bump into you and is all over you trying to browse as well. Um, excuse me. I don't like your armpit all up in my face, nor your pushing. Moving along. Here's all of my loot:

  • ruffle collar top $1.97
  • ruffle sleeve top $1.97
  • trouser jeans $6.97
  • bell sleeve top $1.97
  • purple ruffle collar top $1.97. Remember when this was featured as the "steal of the day"?
  • tie neck top $1.97. Yeah, I know, another mustard colored top. I love the color, though.

All this for under $20. Sweet!


aja said...

I am so jealous!!!! i wish my old navy had 1.97 markdowns..thats unheard of in DC!!

Psyche said...

Sweet deal on some fabulous choices! You gotta love ON.

STYLEnosh said...

Your story proves that shopping can be hazardous to your health! Especially when there's major markdowns going down! Be happy you got out with a little armpit stank and your life! LOL

NegroPino™ said...

I have the cute gold ruffled top from Old Navy..be back to check for more deals

NegroPino™ said...

I have the gold ruffled shirt from Old Navy i will be back to check out more bargains

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