Win a $100 shopping spree from Lulu's Fashion Lounge!

Hey all you fashionable Chicas out there, put your fashion sense to use. Lulu's Fashion Lounge wants you to create a stylish outfit using Polyvore, and you must use at least two items from Lulu's Fashion Lounge. You can submit up to three entries. Grand prize is a $100 gift certificate to Lulu's, second place will get $50 gift certificate, and third place will get $25 gift certificate. So let's get creative! Contest ends Oct. 11, 2007.


The Budget Babe said...

Cool, I've never heard of Polyvore! Looks like a neat tool for us fashion bloggers :)

james said...

Great to hear about this Win shopping spree
, it is a good chance to grad the thing out.

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