Cheap Chica-licious mail: Where to find high waist jeans for under $50

Q. Hi Cheap Chica!
My question is, and I hope you can help me, is that I'm looking for high waist jeans. Those worn by the celebrities like Keyshia Cole, Eve and I'm not sure who else. I've tried eBay but they're like $50. Do you know of any cheap or shall I say reasonably price place I can get them from. I'm a big online buyer but I've had no help. Thanks!

Here's a few that I've found under $50. You may want to check your local Old Navy store as well. Poster Girl bought a pair from there that are really cute and I think they were $20 (don't quote me on the price). However, they are not sold online anymore.


Poster Girl said...

Thanks for mentioning me! I like your high-waisted selections!

The Cheap Chica said...

thanks, Poster Girl

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