Lunchbreak shopping: Looking for boots

Well, it got a tad bit cold here in Florida about a couple of weeks ago, but now the weather is back to normal. Since I don't have any boots, I've decided to buy a pair for when it does get colder again. I went to Burlington Coat Factory because they sometimes have a nice selection of boots, but I didn't find a pair that I like. I drove over to Payless where they're having BOGO, and they had these boots marked down to $15. Sweet. I also grabbed these platform pumps, for $7.49 ( $14.99 before BOGO).

American Eagle McKenzie Boot
$19.99 (in-store may be $15, check your local store)

Luxe Platform Pump $14.99


Haute Girl said...

those boots are cute, they have a valentino feel

CamilleCheri H. said...

very stylish.i seen these boots too:)most of payless' shoes are stylish these days.

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