Today's video: Roberto Cavalli for H&M

Here's a video I've ran across of the debut of the Roberto Cavalli line at H&M in Amsterdam. From the looks of it, there was chaos. I've heard that the H&M at the 5th Avenue location in New York was just as crazy- fights breaking out and all. That's what I've heard and that's a damn shame. Was it really that serious? Did any of you ladies go to H&M and check out the collection? Holla! For us folks who don't have an H&M, I guess Ebay will have to do, lol.

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Anonymous said...

i wanted to go out to the 59th and lex h&m but i figures it was gonna be hell run loose.
whats the point of decorating the debut line so nice when you know its gonna be messed up lol.
still hope they restock asap.

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