Lunchbreak shopping: $3 tops

In this past Friday's lunchbreak shopping hour, I drove over to the new Steve and Barry's that was supposed to have opened a couple of weeks ago. It still isn't open despite the fact that they keep advertising for it's grand opening. Whatever. The mall is right next door, so I ended up going to JC Penney and Rave where I found some tops for $3 on their sale racks.

  • fuschia top, brown tunic, and glittery tank, all $3 from Rave: I'm thinking about giving the fuschia top away to one of my cousins or probably keeping it for spring/summer. The mustard colored glittery tank looks really cute on. With the right accessories, it would be a cute top to wear on New Year's Eve.

  • cropped swing jacket $3, JC Penney: Scored this off of the "green tag" rack.

1 comment:

CamilleCheri H. said...

always so lucky to find these deals girl:)luv em'.

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