Cash or check


open toe platform heel $19.99, 579 (check your local store)


Chinese Laundry "Twins" peep toe platform sandal $69, Macy's


Today's printables and codes

  • Saks Fifth Avenue: Free shipping on all orders. Coupon code: OURTREAT. Expires 4-1-07.
  • ELuxury: Free shipping on all orders. Coupon code: MODE. Expires 4-2-07.
  • Shoes.com: Take 20% off your order. Coupon code: 20OFFSALE. Expires 4-3-07.
  • YOOX: Free shipping on all orders. Coupon code: shop@yoox. Expires 4-3-07.
  • Footlocker: Take 30% off your purchase (Friends and Family). Coupon code: LKS1FF73. Expires 4-1-07. Printable coupon
Sorry everyone, not that many coupons this week. Enjoy!


Spring is in the air @ E.L.F.

Elf Cosmetics

The Fusion Boutique

I'm not sure how long this boutique has been around, but I was aware of its existence while visiting Painfully Hip (painfully awesome blog, by the way), and saw all of the cool things this girl has found. The Fusion Boutique has very cute items, not to mention very great prices. Here are some items that I might have to snatch up:

  1. orange floral dress $29.99
  2. green quilted belt $9.99
  3. brown top $22.99
  4. white dress $18.99

Right now, take 10% off plus free shipping within the US for orders $50 or more. Coupon code PAINFULLYHIP. Sweet, sweet, sweet!


All eyes on eyelet... under $30

  1. cropped vest $16.50, Wet Seal
  2. white ballet flat $14.99, Target
  3. eyelet top $17.99, Target
  4. shorts $24.50, Old Navy
  5. yellow mini wedge $26, Lulu's Fashion Lounge
  6. dress $29.50, Old Navy
Eyelet, spring and summer's favorite fabric, in everything from dresses to cute little ballet flats. Here are some budget friendly pieces for under $30.


Easy Spirit's Traveltime sneakers

Easy Spirit is celebrating their 20th anniversary and they're sharing the love with The Cheap Chica. I have these sneakers, and let me tell you, these are the most comfortable sneakers that I've had in a long time. It feels like I'm walking on air. And when I'm out walking my dog, Napoleon, or out running errands, I can hardly feel them on my feet because they're not heavy like most
sneakers. Also, I can just slip these on, and out the door I go. Saves time, especially when I'm running late for work. I heart them, so comfortable...
Easy Spirit "Traveltime" sneaks $59
FORUM TOPIC OF THE DAY: A friend of mine told me he'd cheated on his girlfriend this past weekend and now he feels guilty. Read on>>>


Today's poll: Cheap Chicas vs. Designer Divas

Budget Chic did an excellent post on "cheap chic" versus designer clothes and how some people think that saving up for designer pieces is better because designer clothes are of better quality and the clothes will last longer. If I'm going to save up for something, it's going to be for a new car, a downpayment on a home, my retirement fund, my child's education (if I ever have children), etc. I could go on and on about so many things I could "save up" for that is important other than clothes. I love to shop, but clothes are NOT that important to me. I'm not knocking designer stuff, because you can go to the outlets and purchase them for a reasonable price, but I'll be damned if I go into debt for them. I know people who are in debt right now trying to buy all of this shit just to brag to people. "Oh, I'm wearing Marc Jabobs" or "I'm wearing Gucci right now". The sad part is that these people that I know let their rent or other bills get behind just so they can buy this stuff. Whatever. Cheap chic is just as good as the designer duds, and all of the inexpensive clothes that I have are still holding up due to gentle care. So, what category do you fall in, Cheap Chica or Designer Diva?

Weekend finds: Dots in Orlando

I really enjoyed myself in Orlando this past weekend. Mr. Cheap Chica and I went to Universal Studios Mardi Gras and watched Sean Paul perform (sorry, I was going to take pics, but I forgot my camera). He puts on a great show. While we were waiting before the show started, about three fights broke out. One of the fights was right in front of us. This lady was trying to get through the crowd. Instead of being civil about it and excusing herself, she just started shoving people. One of the people that she shoved wasn't having it, so they shoved her back. The last thing that I remembered was that the lady who started the shoving got hit in the head with a popcorn box. So uncalled for. I don't know why grown ass people behave like children. The place was packed, so if someone bumps into you by accident, just let it go. It's a concert for crying out loud. Even later on in the show, Sean Paul called out some people for fighting in the crowd. It's so not worth it. Anyway, I went to Dots earlier that day. I didn't find much, just a dress, three tops, and two pairs of earrings (not pictured):

  • black/fuschia babydoll top $15.
  • white mandarin collar top $15
  • puff sleeve striped top $15
  • dress $20


I'll be back....

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of posts this week, but I had a lot of things I had to take care of this week. Work has also been a pain in the ass, so when I come home, I'm super tired. I'll be back on Monday because I'm going out of town this weekend. Until then, entertain yourselves with my favorite blogs to the right, or go to the Cheap Chica Forum and create some life up in there because it's deader than a doorknob, lol. I'll be back.


Get an additional 10% off @ All The Rage

******UPDATE****** This offer has been extended until 4-15-07. Sweet!


Cheap Chica beauty: CHI hair straightening iron

CHI flatiron $100, Drugstore.com

I finally broke down and bought a CHI ceramic hair straightening iron a month ago after hearing great things about it and seeing the results of my friends' hair. I always wore my hair pulled back because my hair is so thick and when I tried straightening it with my old flat iron, it wouldn't get as straight as I wanted it to be. Since I've been using the CHI, my hair is so soft and as straight as I want it to be, I mean my hair really lays down. I was so used to buying flat irons for under $20 and never in my life would buy a flat iron over $100. This is the best straightener I've used and I'm so glad that I've bought one. I love it!

Today's printables and codes


Star style: Lindsay Lohan's LV Miroir Speedy

I don't care what anyone says, I still like this bag, even though it's like waaayyyy out of my budget. I like the Alma as well, but it's a little too big for me, so the Speedy will do. But, I don't have LV money right now, and by the time that I do come across some LV money, this bag will be so outdated, lol. I'll go for a cheaper alternative for now.

Mirror speedy $50, Shop Suey Boutique

Double your cash @ E.L.F.

Elf Cosmetics


Star style under $100: Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon, best known as Donna from "That's 70's Show".

Photo credit: InStyle

Grand total for this inspired look= $63

Freebies for all!!!

Enjoy your freebies! Be sure to check out the Cheap Chica Forum.


Link love 3-17-07

Under $5 find

belt $4.99, GoJane


Today's quiz: How Irish are you?

You're 15% Irish

You're not Irish. Not even a wee bit.

Not even on St. Patrick's Day!

Yeah, no shit.

Get lucky @ Kiyonna


Under $30 finds @ Lulu's Fashion Lounge

Just some cute, new items I found for under $30 at Lulu's Fashion Lounge....


  • Moderna dress $27
  • Salt and Pepper mumu $22


  • mod knit top $27
  • Salt and Pepper zebra top $19


  • Afar metallic silver flats $17
  • flapper purse $14
  • washed grey handbag $24
  • Jamie's sunglasses $6

Today's printables and codes

FORUM TOPIC(S) OF THE DAY: What trends are you lovin' so far this year? Go to the forum>>>


DIY: Christina Milian's chain halter

[click image for larger view]
Photo and instructions credit: April 2007 Cosmogirl magazine

What you need:

  • Plain halter tank top with skinny straps

  • three chunky, dangly gold chains with different sizes of links- small, medium, and large

  • needle and thread

What to do:

  • Drape the medium and large chains across the neckline of the tank top.

  • Use a needle and thread to handstitch the last links of each chain to the front of the tank.

  • Cut both of the tank's front straps, then on each side, insert a 3-inch piece of the small chain.

  • Fold each cut end of the straps through the chain loops and sew shut.

Today's video clip: Bluefly.com's ad "The Catch"

Well, how do YOU dress the morning after a one night stand? Take this poll provided by FlyPaper (thanks for the clip!).

Free eyeshadow from E.L.F

Check out www.eyeslipsface.com

WTF? Tar-jay sells stripper shoes

Now Diamond can pick up her grocery, household items, and her shoes all in the same place.


Weekend finds: Shoes and accessories

This weekend, we went up to Bradenton. Mr. Cheap Chica went to see a drag race, I went shopping. I went over to Dots. They have a lot of neat accessories there and they're very inexpensive. The earrings above were $3 each. I also grabbed the silver shoes for $13. I had my $5 off coupon and it really came in handy. I also bought a top, and gold bangle bracelets as well. After we left Bradenton and went home, I then went to Charlotte Russe and Claires where I picked up the patent flip flops for $7 and the clear bangles 3 for $6.
Don't forget about the new Cheap Chica Forum. Go there and talk about anything you like.


Once again... a new Cheap Chica message board

There's a new Cheap Chica forum up and running. I got tired of the old because I couldn't create different categories for different topics. Click here to go to the new forum. I'm still working on it, so give me your feedback on anything else I could add to it. Holla!

Bargain shoe of the week 3-11-07

"Dayley" d'orsay wedges $8 (clearance), Walmart

$20 off $100 @ Kiyonna

$20 off your next purchase over $100 from Kiyonna.com! Use coupon code LUCKY. Plus, get free shipping on orders over $75 using coupon code SPRING75. These coupons are stackable!
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