Sweater dresses...under $40

I love sweater dresses, especially worn with a cute pair of knee high boots. They also look good with a pair of colored tights and some ankle boots, or if the tights and ankle boots aren't your cup of tea, opt for a pair of cute flats or pumps. Cinch a belt at the waist (only if the fabric isn't too bulky) and you're good to go. Here are some sweater dresses I found on the 'net for under $40


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Lunchbreak shopping: Looking for boots

Well, it got a tad bit cold here in Florida about a couple of weeks ago, but now the weather is back to normal. Since I don't have any boots, I've decided to buy a pair for when it does get colder again. I went to Burlington Coat Factory because they sometimes have a nice selection of boots, but I didn't find a pair that I like. I drove over to Payless where they're having BOGO, and they had these boots marked down to $15. Sweet. I also grabbed these platform pumps, for $7.49 ( $14.99 before BOGO).

American Eagle McKenzie Boot
$19.99 (in-store may be $15, check your local store)

Luxe Platform Pump $14.99


Lunchbreak shopping: $2 dresses at K-Mart

As you all know, I have a love/hate relationship with K-Mart. I don't go there at all unless I'm taking a family member to shop there. Well, I went in there today to buy my little brother a sweater, and I figured it was the closest place to my job and the cheapest to buy a kid's sweater. To my surprise, it wasn't busy on this Black Friday. I guess the early morning crowd came and went. Before I went to the rack to grab my brother's sweater, I passed a clearance rack of jersey knit wrap dresses- all marked down to $2. I grabbed three of them- the print one that I have on in the pic (sorry for the blurriness, camera is trippin'), a black one, and a chocolate brown one. I guess you can find some hidden jewels in K-Mart if you'd look hard enough.

A bath product for a penny @ E.L.F


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Cheap Chica-licious mail: Where to find high waist jeans for under $50

Q. Hi Cheap Chica!
My question is, and I hope you can help me, is that I'm looking for high waist jeans. Those worn by the celebrities like Keyshia Cole, Eve and I'm not sure who else. I've tried eBay but they're like $50. Do you know of any cheap or shall I say reasonably price place I can get them from. I'm a big online buyer but I've had no help. Thanks!

Here's a few that I've found under $50. You may want to check your local Old Navy store as well. Poster Girl bought a pair from there that are really cute and I think they were $20 (don't quote me on the price). However, they are not sold online anymore.


Large plaid tote @ Accessory Bug

A welcoming import and some of the most influential trends resurging this season involves patterns and prints in houndstooth, oversized checks and tartan. Trendsetters like Gwen Stefani and Fergie can't get enough of the trend and have been seen sporting and lugging their designer bags all over town. This tote takes traditional tartan and gives it a modern treatment with its roomy, slouchy look. Double-handle fabric tote has ample organizational pockets to keep important items like keys and cell phones within easy reach. The price of this lovely bag is $48.99 and right now, the lovely ladies over at Accessory Bug are offering 10% off any tote with coupon code FALL10. Offer is good until 12-15-07. I think I'm going to use the coupon to buy this bag, lol.

click on pic to buy


Star style: Beyonce's foxy slingbacks

pic via Lush Crush

These seem to be Beyonce's favorite shoes, the Louboutin Fox Trot. I don't blame her, those shoes are hot. But, I don't make nowhere near as much as Beyonce, so I'm going to do it the Cheap Chica way.

Two tone slingbacks $42.90, Fly Jane


Today's printables and codes

  • Nordstrom: Free shipping on orders $100 or more (excludes Coach items). Coupon code: HOLIDAY07. Expiration unknown.

  • NY & Co.: Free shipping on orders $75 or more. Coupon code: 5952. Expires 1-6-08.

  • Petite Sophisticate: $25 off $150 or more purchase. Coupon code: 776625006. Expires 1-25-08.
  • Bloomingdales: Free shipping on orders $100 or more. Coupon code: FS1121. Expires 11-20-07.
  • Rue 21: Take $10 off $20 purchase. Expires 11-18-07.


Today's video: Roberto Cavalli for H&M

Here's a video I've ran across of the debut of the Roberto Cavalli line at H&M in Amsterdam. From the looks of it, there was chaos. I've heard that the H&M at the 5th Avenue location in New York was just as crazy- fights breaking out and all. That's what I've heard and that's a damn shame. Was it really that serious? Did any of you ladies go to H&M and check out the collection? Holla! For us folks who don't have an H&M, I guess Ebay will have to do, lol.

Cash or charge: Spectator peep toe platform




Today's video: Freedom

I forgot all about this song until I heard Alicia Keys do a somewhat rendition of it on this year's MTV VMA's. She did okay, but I think someone else should remake this song. The question is, who? You'll notice that this video had some of the baddest supermodels in the game back then. Enjoy!


Today's printables and codes


Star style under $150: Katherine Heigl's splash of red

photo source Katherine punches up her outfit with a splash of red accessories. Get the look for a little over $100



More coupons....

Hey Chicas. Here are some more coupons that were sent to me. Enjoy!

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