Double duty

I'll admit, I'm a lazy person sometimes when it comes to restocking on beauty,hair, and medicine products. I'll either forget to go to the store to buy more, or I just don't feel like going and bitch about not having that particular item later. To hold me over until I get off of my lazy ass to go to the store, I just use other stuff from my bathroom closet or kitchen. I find these tips to work for ME. May not work for everybody.
  1. Hair conditoner as shaving cream: It softens the hair on my legs so that it's easier to shave off, plus it doesn't dry out my legs like soap does.
  2. Hair gel or spray to tame eyebrows: I just put a dab of gel on my brow brush to tame them or I'll use a little bit of hairspray.
  3. Baking soda as an antacid. Make sure it's thoroughly dissolved in warm water.
  4. Vaseline as lip balm: I carry a small tube in my purse just in case I misplace my lip balm or I run out. I also use Vaseline to moisturize my hands when I've run out of hand lotion.
  5. Rubbing alcohol for pimples: Yeah, it's drying, but it sure dries out my pimples. I apply it to my pimples right before bedtime and in the morning, I use an oil-free moisturizer.

Got some tips? Please share.


Anonymous said...

# 4 and 5, I live by. You can also use the vaseline on your eyelids to give them the appearance of having eyeshadow on and to tame your eyebrows. You can use the baking soda as a whitner for your teeth too.

The Cheap Chica said...

i use my vaseline and baking soda for those purposes, too!

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