"It" bags....out?

Irene Weisburd used to buy 20 handbags a year, dutifully getting on waiting lists for the season's designated "it" bag and filling her "bag wardrobe" with Fendi Baguettes, a Louis Vuitton Murakami bag and Prada nylon backpacks.
Recently, however, she has bypassed popular styles such as last fall's Gucci Indy bag and the ubiquitous Fendi 'B' bag in favor of unadorned pieces from Bottega Veneta and lesser-known labels such as New York's MZ Wallace.
Icons: Grace Kelly and the Kelly bag; Sarah Jessica Parker and Fendi; Kate Moss and Balenciaga.
"I felt like, 'Gee, all these bags are so attainable by a lot of people that everyone's carrying around that bag,' " says Ms. Weisburd, a 59-year-old homemaker who lives in New York City. "I wanted something that was more exclusive."
For the past 10 years or so, fashion houses have churned out expensive bags with distinctive shapes and logos in the hopes that they'd catch on as that season's sensation. Consumers, seeking the status a recognizable bag conferred, flocked to buy them, helping to fuel the recent luxury boom.
But as big luxury brands have expanded world-wide, offering more entry-level products to reach more consumers, some high-end shoppers are getting turned off. The proliferation of knockoffs has helped erode the mystique of owning a high-end bag. Affluent customers have grown confident in their own sense of style and increasingly turning to unique accessories to set themselves apart from the crowd. On top of that, the recent stock market selloff and downturn in consumer spending has many consumers shunning spending that could be considered ostentatious. As retailers head into the new year, some are declaring that "it" is over.
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The Bougie Baller said...

Hi "Cheap Chica" :)

Love your blog... just discovered it... you're a woman after my own heart, I love it!

With regard to "It Bags" ... I'm torn.

I don't like labels and I hate signature print. I'll do it in small pieces (i.e. a 25 lv mono speedy, a pair of coach flats, or a small burberry purse/headband)... but I generally don't like to look like a walking advertisement. I've recently ventured into new arenas with some great designers (all available at affordable prices if you search hard enough)... I love Tano, Botkier, Stuart Weitzman, Michael Kors, and YSL. There are a few others but I'll save my list for another day :)

On the other hand though... as soon as a major celebrity is seen rocking that gorgeous beautiful bag... women are going to run for the hills to buy it OR to buy its knockoff... I don't see that changing! But I wouldn't be surprised if major labels started flipping their style game... I personally think Prada & Fendi need to step it up (why would I spend $800 for a nylon bag with a huge P stamped on it? no thanks)... as does Kate Spade (again... the huge Kate Spade Plastic Stamp... yuck!)

DEEZEE said...

Love this Blog!

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