Clearance alert: Teal heels at Wet Seal (hey, that rhymes)

Dolphin nose heel $16.50, Wet Seal
F Girl put together a cute outfit with these shoes. I really love the blue color, but, I'm not a blue person. I just can't work with the color blue, lol. The price is just right, too, and what's even awesomer (is that a word, lol) is that all clearance is 50% off. Sweet!


Bobbie said...

Looooooove your blog. I went over to Steve Madden's clearance b/c of you and picked up those Jejune pumps in rafia... can't wait for them to arrive! I am just now jumping on the style blog bandwagon... wonder what took me so long. ;)

nywele said...

i like your blog :) the color of the wet seal shoes is really pretty!!

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