I've been tagged for a book meme

I don't know what a book meme is, but I've been tagged by Shopalicious to do one. The rules are pretty simple. All I have to do is pick up a book of 123 pages or more, find page 123, read the first five sentences and post the next three sentences. The closest book near me was The Thrifty Girl's Guide to Glamour by Susie Galvez. I've posted a beauty tip from this book before. Here's my meme:

Instead, all fault finding does is create feelings of insecurity and self-loathing, and instills a body picture in the mind of despair, or "what's the use". Who really wants to go around the rest of their lives loathing anything- especially their own body parts? Instead, decide that a new mind-set of acceptance and what is beautiful needs to occur.

This is a great book for us Cheap Chicas. Go check it out. I now tag F Girl, Poster Girl, and Psyche.

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Tara said...

Great Quote!

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