Weekend finds: A trip to the mall... and Goodwill

I haven't been to my local mall in a while. The only time I go is when I want to see what's new in Wet Seal, other than that, I don't really step foot in the mall. I went yesterday because I had a hair appointment at the JC Penney salon. My co-worker's sister is a stylist there, so she did my hair. And since it was a first time visit, I got 20% off because my co-worker referred me. Sweet! Before my appointment, I killed some time by walking over to Gadzooks/Forever 21. I bought a cute necklace and a set of gold bangles.

necklace $5.80

Today, I went thrifting at my favorite Goodwill store and found two items:

bolero/shrug/whatever you call it, lol $3.50. I also bought a pair of black cuffed wide leg pants for $3.99.
Sidenote: I've had the Cheap Chica Forum up for quite some time and the last activity shown was from November until I posted a couple of coupons the other day. I'm thinking about shutting it down because it's really no use keeping it up if noone's visiting it. What do you all think? If it needs some improvement, just let me know. Maybe that's the reason why noone is posting in it. Just thought I'd put that out there.


Brandie said...
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Brandie said...

Hi there! NO! Don't take your forum down. I think you should advertise it more on your blog. I didn't even know you had a forum until I read this post!

Anyway, I love that necklace. I'm the biggest jewelry freak! The shrug is cute too!

The Cheap Chica said...

thanks brandie

Poster Girl said...

I love that necklace too! I'm working on the book meme post, thanks for tagging me :) Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I heart Goodwill. Especially in the summer. I ususally find the cutest retro sundresses for less than $2. God bless Goodwill! LOL! I love your site!

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