Shopping the Juniors' department- yea or nay?

Here are two great posts from two of my fave bloggers, Budget Chic and Style Mojo, on shopping the juniors' department:

What Budget Chic says:

One of the best ways to save money on apparel is by shopping the Junior stores and the Juniors section in major department stores.
There is a significant markup when you move over to the Women’s section in fine department stores. Women’s is looking pretty good nowadays, since more manufacturers are interpreting trends a lot quicker and the styles are more reflective of what’s on the runway, but the price point between Juniors and Misses is a good $50 to $150 difference. I’m also referring to the department store “house brands” and not any of the name brand designers they may carry. I figured why pay $98 for a skirt in Misses (for example a INC skirt at Macy’s may retail for $98) when you can pay $39 in the Junior section.

Some of the better junior lines are XOXO, BCX, Rampage, Zinc and Necessary Objects. I always go for their suiting separates and outerwear. Thats not to say that one shouldn’t shop the Women’s section at all. The best time to shop the misses/petite section is during seasonal changes, so you can get that extra 30% to 50% off. You probably don’t want to wait until it hits the Clearance rack, because by that time sizes are limited and everything is picked over. The Junior section is great for blazers, dress shirts, coats, and blouses. If you are a woman in your thirties or forties you want to be extremely selective. You probably want to avoid the casual wear (tanks, t-shirts, casual tops and pants, jeans, leggings, undergarment and swim wear) area, unless you don’t give a hoot and just want to “go there”. I prefer to exercise judgment and put “style” before trends, but obviously it’s whatever the person is comfortable with.I also stay away from buying dresses from the Juniors department, because many time their dresses are too short, over-embellished, made with skimpy material, poorly designed or are too “prom” looking. The Junior stores (Forever21, Wet Seal) really aren’t any better. Well, I must say this about Forever21 - their dresses are decent when they are pushing the right trend, right now their current stock is short mod or long maxi length dresses and I hate both of those styles and I don’t think they look flattering on me.

I usually purchase my dresses from Target, Dillards Clearance Center, Marshalls / TJ Maxx or Ross for Less. Basic lifestyle stores like Gap and Old Navy are great places to pick up solid pieces and occasionally you can find a nice summer dress on the cheap. The Gap is great, but lately they have decided to stock less merchandise so they do not have to do so many “mark downs” so it harder to find really good deals in the Gap on a consistent basis anymore.

Juniors is a good alternative if your clothing budget is very tight. Many women today have so many other financial responsibilities that there is hardly any room for “fashion” in their budget. They may have the same amount of funds for clothing as a college student. So why not take advantage of their resources. This will enable the fashionably frugal mom or single woman to look good but stay focus on other financial priorities.

What Style Mojo says:

If you are over 21 I think it's best do your self a wonderful favor and say to say no to Juniors clothing. There are several bad things about an adult body in teen clothing. Oh Jebus, where to start!

The Fit
Juniors clothing are not made to flatter an adult body. Generally, Juniors pieces will run smaller at the bust and hips. Avoid buying clothing in odd numbered sizes. Why battle muffin tops and cleavage spillage and seam bunching when you don't have to?

The Quality
Typically, Juniors sizes are a product of "Throw Away" fashion. These fashions are made for teenagers on a tight budget who want to keep up with the constant fads. As a fashionable girl grows into a woman, she should have developed a since of her own style by incorporating the latest trends where she sees fit.

The Give Aways
I can spot a Juniors piece from a mile away. Keep my list in mind and you too can avoid being a victim.

  • The Extraneous Waist Tie - Typically on a Junior top you will find the dreaded waist tie. No matter if there is a need for a tie in the back or not, a waist tie will be present! I once saw I waist tie on a belted top! Nooooo! Which brings me to Inclusive Accessories.
  • Inclusive Accessories - They irk me till no end! Look out for jewelry attachments and belted tops.
  • Cheapness - Its just common knowledge....ill fitting asymmetrical cuts and cheap looking dyes? Just say no ladies! Just say no!
Places and Things to Avoid
GNG aka Good N' Ghetto

Wet Seal

Odd Sizes - 1,3,5,7,9
Extraneous Waist Ties
Fine Line
Forever 21 - Yes, I said it. Shop there with caution! *Every blue boon you can find neat and cheap party dresses in the Juniors section. You may even find a cute clubbin' halter which can pass since you'll be in the dark anyway. But use your own discretion!

Both of these ladies have made very good points in their posts, but I'm going to say yay on shopping the juniors'. It's helped me stay on trend without breaking the bank. That's just my opinion. So, what do you think? Do you shop the juniors' department/stores? Why or why not?


Anonymous said...

Love the juniors dept! I always find great deals there. A lot of my wardrobe basics have come from the Jr. dept. & have lasted me for years. You just have to take care of them (like anything you want to last a long time).

Susanna said...

I also say "yea" to the Juniors Dept. I have an "apple" figure, meaning that my waist is almost the same size as my hips. Juniors pants are cut to fit that shape. Misses pants are for women with an hourglass shape - not me.

Sweetin said...

I say yay to the JR's dept...you just have to be selective of your clothing. I feel that some of the items in Forever 21 appeal more towards the mid-twenties to thirties age range. It's all about how you wear your clothes and what you pair them with.


Brandie said...

I guess I'm in the minority...what do you think Chica?

fdiary said...

Hey chica,

Thanks for highlighting my article. I say "yes" to Juniors if the clothes can fit you properly. You do have to watch out if you have alot of boobs, because obviously it is cut for young girl under a 36C cup.

You also have to be very, very selective as I mentioned before. I usually only purchase blazers, dress shirts, blouses, some skirts and outerwear. Thats about it.

I love the junior section in Target, Macy's, Dillards and Belk. I also love Forever21 and DOTS. Shopping Juniors isn't for everbody but if your body type can fit in Junior clothing without any problems, its a great way to save money.

The Cheap Chica said...

^^^ i love to shop in the juniors' department. brandie, i see what you mean about the sizing, but i think it all depends on the person. i can go into wet seal and charlotte russe and the clothes fit great, but go into forever 21 and the clothes fit horrible on me. i also think that juniors' stores have great selections of trendy accessories, and since trends come and go, at least you didn't pay too much for a passing trend. some things i do avoid is t-shirts with sayings on them. now, i think anyone over 21 shouldn't be wearing those, it's just seems kind of juvenile to me. also, i don't really like denim miniskirts too much either. those look too young to me, also. i guess it all depends on the person.

The Budget Babe said...

big YEA to juniors! sorry but plenty of teens have full figured bodies, and they make clothes to fit these customers. second, many teens are extremely mature and fashion forward in their dressing. they don't just want to wear pink ruffles (which can be cute too actually). again, the manufacturers deliver to meet this need. yes, exercise caution, buy a size up, but do give it a try. and if you're too shy to go into a juniors store/department, just shop online!

Anonymous said...

I just turned 30 and I still say yes to Junior's clothing. I agree with you gals and your cautions. I would add that one must find her correct size in Junior's. See, I'm petite in size but have long limbs. So Petites are not good because they have short sleeves and inseams. Misses are good as long as they carry size 2 or fitted size 4. But in Juniors I find my perfect fit most easily. Juniors often have longer inseams than even Misses do, and in Juniors my size (7) is just more common. You would think a size 2/4in Misses would be a size 1/3 in Juniors. But I find that to be wrong. I wear a much larger size in Juniors, size 7 (or 5 for more fitted). So just because they say the Juniors/Misses equivalences are 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, etc. don't just go by that rule of thumb. To me a size 7 Juniors fits like a size 2 or 4 Misses. So my advice is that when a woman shops in the Juniors section, she try on to find her perfect size (who cares if it is a much higher number).

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