Weekend finds: Mr. Cheap Chica loves a bargain!

Yes, I did some shopping too, but Mr. Cheap Chica was the one who found some great deals. He found some really nice sneakers from Steve and Barry's. They're still having their $8.98 or less sale, so he grabbed them. After that, he was on the hunt to find some shirts to wear with his new sneakers. He found a couple shirts- one from Ross Dress for Less, and another from Sears. Me, I found two cute belts from Ross Dress for Less.... and lots of other things, lol.

  • sneakers $9, Steve and Barry's
  • Mecca polo shirt $8, Ross Dress for Less
  • South Pole shirt $4, Sears. Sears was having additional 50% off of clearance. Too bad they didn't have anything cute in the women's department.
  • brown belt $5 and tan belt $6, Ross Dress for Less

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