What to buy Spring 08: Wooden jewelry

The trend in accessories for this season is wooden jewelry. Wooden jewelry go hand in hand with another cool trend this season- tribal print. Be careful not to overdo the wooden jewelry, though. One or two pieces is all you really need to liven up that outfit.

  1. wood and bead earrings $5, Wet Seal
  2. bangle $16.20, All The Rage
  3. round ring $12.60, All The Rage
  4. necklace $6.80, Forever 21
  5. wood and shell ring $5, Wet Seal


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone
I thought maybe these webpages can be useful to many of you:


Enjoy !

Anonymous said...

cool...I recently bought some wooden heart shaped earrings w/o even knowing it was the spring trend. I wouldn't mind a matching bangle...

Psyche said...

These selections are fabulous! I love wooden jewelry, so I may have to head to wet seal for those earrings.

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