$0.35 gas, holy sh@t!!!!

Deshauna Canty is never in a good mood after filling up her Lincoln Navigator.
But she was all smiles today when she swiped her Visa credit card to pay after gassing up her sport utility vehicle.
Why wouldn’t she be? Gas was 35 cents a gallon.
Canty was among hundreds of people who found temporary relief from $3-plus gasoline prices today after an employee accidentally set the price at 35 cents at the Kangaroo Express station at 17th Street and Wellington Avenue, employees said.
The trouble started about 9 a.m. today when an attendant at the BP station punched in 35 cents instead of $3.35 for premium-grade gasoline, said employee Shane Weller. The mistake wasn’t noticed until about 6 p.m., when crowds jammed the pumps and caused traffic jams on nearby roads, Weller said
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Stories like this make me WISH that the Shell Station down the street would make a mistake like that, lol. My favorite part from this article was this quote right here:
“People had been coming in all day stiffing us, not telling us nothing,” Weller said. “They knew something was wrong because regular gas was still $3-something a gallon, and when have you ever known premium gas to be lower than regular?”
Sir, are you serious? Do you really think that the customers are going to point out a fuck up by one of your employees that works in their favor? I don't think so.

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Poster Girl said...

That's hilarious. I wish my gas station would make that error! When it comes to gas prices, people just aren't going to be honest in that situation. Who can blame them?

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