I love bargain shopping, but not THIS much!

The siren song of the clearance rack is hard to resist. For some people, it's impossible.
For New Mexico schoolteacher Marie Barger, bargain shopping was an addiction as powerful as drugs or alcohol -- one that took her seven years to pay off. Years after her husband took away her maxed-out credit cards, she still comes across old purchases that make her cringe, such as the full-figured adult size 16 uniform pants she bought for her tiny 12-year-old daughter simply because they were 80% off.
"She's superskinny. Maybe if she got pregnant one day she could wear them," Barger says
["You've got to be kidding me"-Cheap Chica] .

Do you know someone who has a bargain shopping addiction?


Anonymous said...

debt is not a game...case closed.

The Cheap Chica said...

^^^thank you

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