So....what are you going to do with your tax refund?

Last year, a tax refund might have been a perfect excuse to finally splurge on that luxurious Coach handbag, or dinner at that hot new restaurant downtown.
This year, that tax refund check likely means another sobering trip to the grocery store or gas station.
With shoppers feeling the burden of rising food costs, high gasoline prices, a slumping housing market, a weakening jobs picture, and the possiblity of a recession, many intend to use their tax refund this year to cover everyday expenses.
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Anonymous said...

Good post,very so true.priorities have changed.Damn a coach bag...i need food & gas.

ms.jackson said...

I would advise people to invest in themselves. Pay some credit off. Clear negative remarks from your credit report to raise your credit score and lower interest rates. The government wants us to spend frivolously with this money. Be smart!

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