Lunchbreak shopping: Marshall's Shoe Mega Shop

I haven't been to my local Marshalls in a while, so I decided to pop in there on my lunch break to find some shoes for work. Marshalls has expanded their shoe department, calling it the Shoe MegaShop. It's kind of like a store within a store. Remember when you had to go to the shelves with your size on it and find shoes that way? Now you can shop the shoes by the style rather than size and find your size in the boxes below the display shoe. If you're trying to get an idea on what the hell I'm talking about here's a pic:

I found a couple of pairs of shoes for work.

brown Bandolino wedges and Mudd pumps, both $25 each

I think I'm going to check out the other Marshalls in my town this weekend. They'll probably have a bigger and better selection to choose from. Next time you're in Marshalls, check out the Shoe MegaShop. To see if your local Marshalls have one, click here.


Poster Girl said...

Great deals! The Marshalls that I went to had a large selection and it was very clean and organized, which is rare for disount retailers!

Mel said...

love love love the bandolino wedges. now I want some lol

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