Cops called on man paying for gas with pennies

This may be a sign that the gas crunch is breaking the piggy bank.
A man trying to pay for gas with a sackful of pennies at a Denver gas station Thursday got so pushy that clerks called police.
The 7:30 a.m. call was on what was termed an "unwanted person" at the Diamond Shamrock station at Broadway and 10th Avenue.
Employees said the man, driving a satellite TV truck, became offensive as he insisted on paying with about $10 worth of pennies while the station's mini-mart was busy with a line of customers and vendors delivering goods.
The penny-pusher took off just before police arrived. Store officials declined to comment

I'm sure if the pennies were rolled up, there wouldn't have been a problem. Oh well. At least he tried to pay. He could've stolen the gas. But this isn't as bad as someone trying to put a down payment on a car with nothing but nickels, dimes, and quarters. Yeah, this actually happened.

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