Cheap Chica giveaway: Win a pair of woven teardrop earrings!

Dexie over at Style It Less is making me jealous by having all of those great contests. Well, I'm going to have my own giveaway*, damnit! My prizes don't compare to hers, but something is better than nothing, lol. The first person to email me with the correct answer to the question below will win this cute pair of woven thread teardrop earrings.

Besides being great authors, what do Hunter S. Thompson, Ernest Hemingway, and Virginia Woolf have in common?

The answer is really easy, you just have to put your thinking caps on. Good luck!

*open to US residents only. Do not put your answers in the comments. They will be ignored. Don't put them in the shoutbox either. Email them to me.

1 comment:

shopruche.com said...

Makes me tempted to do a giveaway for Ruche too!

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