The new Family Thrift Center

One of my favorite thrift stores here in Chicaville besides my favorite Goodwill is The Family Thrift Center. I popped in there after work today and browsed around. Even though they are in a nicer store, I think this new location is a lot smaller than the old. And they still don't have fitting rooms. That's okay. Next time, I'll be dressed for the occasion. I ended up buying a skirt for $2 and a pair of bermuda shorts for $3. I saw so other things that I wanted, like a brand new pair of Ann Taylor trouser jeans for $6, a cute maxi dress for $2, but neither one was my size. If you're ever here in Chicaville, and you're looking for a neat thrift store to shop at, come to Family Thrift. Before you go:
  • Bring cash. They do not take credit cards. They do have an ATM machine inside the store.
  • Dress in something that you can easily slip other garments over because they don't have fitting rooms.
  • Prepare to spend hours and hours digging through all of the cool stuff.


Hinds-Girl said...

i wish i had a thrift store around me . Here in Georgia thrifty stores are scarce .any,Lucky you:)

Anonymous said...

I live in Atlanta, GA and there are plenty of thrift stores. Particularly in Gwinnett county. Try Value Village thrift stores.

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