Star style under $100: America Ferrera

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I love "Betty's" casual but chic look.



Fernanda said...

Chica, I just love this look I'll buy this weeked. Thanks so much for your good taste in fashion!!!! I love your blog! Let me ask you Gojane shoes are comfortable? I'm looking to buy a boot ther but I'm afraid that will hurt my feet.

The Cheap Chica said...

^^^thank you fernanda! as for gojane shoes, i think it depends on the shoe. some shoes that i have from there are comfortable, some are not, but nothing a dr. scholl's gel insole can't fix, lol. hope that helps.

Declare Yourself said...

Declare Yourself and America Ferrera are teaming up to register 2 million 18 to 29 year-olds prior to the November 4th election. Recently, Ms. Ferrera created a PSA urging the youth movement to become politically involved. Please take a quick look at the video (available at www.declareyourself.com) and, if interested, email me back at declareyourself@gmail.com. We are hoping to give the PSA as large an online presence as possible.

Thanks a lot!
Maxwell Strachan
Declare Yourself

Fernanda said...

Hi Chica!

Like I told you, I bought this look today and I'm very happy because I just spent $43.99. Actually I re-create a little bit, I bought my pump Jane $22.95 and this white shirt $ 5.95 (clearence) and a brown belt $14.95 from Target.
Jeans I have it already!

Please keep posting gorgeous looks!

Have a great weekend!

The Cheap Chica said...

^^^fernanda, you should send me a pic of your re-created look so i can do a post on it. that would be awesome.

Budget Chic said...

America look hot, I love her outfit!!

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