Cheap Chica DIY: Crested vest

I really like Balenciaga's crested blazer from their FW0708 collection, but who has that kind of money to spend when you can just go to the fabric store and buy an applique? That's exactly what I did. I love this vest from Forever 21, but they don't have a size XL, and a large would not fit over my chas chas, so I've decided to take an old vest that I have from my closet and made my own crested vest. My next DIY project will be a crested blazer.

vest $3, Goodwill; buttons $1.50, and applique $3 Joann Fabrics


budget chic said...

Good job Chica! I noticed that military jackets and vest with crests are making a come-back. They were real popular in the 80s. I remember having a red sargeant pepper jacket and a denim jacket with military crest and insignas everywhere.

The Cheap Chica said...

thanks budget chic!

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