"The One Hundred" by Nina Garcia

I've just got through reading "The One Hundred" by Nina Garcia, and I must say it is a must read. What I like about this book is that with every piece that she lists, she recommends ways to wear it, what brands are good, and where to buy them. She also gives you a brief history lesson on some of the items. For example, the cardigan (#12 boyfriend cardigan) got it's origin and name when the seventh Earl of Cardigan needed an extra layer of warmth under his uniform during the Crimean War (pg.36). Cool. She's not telling you that you have to buy these things, she just recommends them. She makes it clear that it's her list and encourages the reader to develop their own style and make their own One Hundred. There are a few things that I think are kind of odd to be on the list like the Blackberry (#9), the Ipod (#41), and an umbrella (#89). Oh well, it's her list. No more spoilers from me, y'all. Check it out! What's your One Hundred? Hell, what's your Ten? Here's my ten from the "One Hundred":

  1. Ballet flat (#5). Sometimes, I need a break from wedges and heels,especially at work where I'm constantly walking around. I recommend a basic color like black to wear with mostly everything, and a fun bright color.
  2. Clutch (#20). I absolutely adore clutches. Sometimes our little shoulders need a break from carrying totes and satchels.
  3. Hoop earrings (#39). If I don't have any other earrings in my jewelry box, I gotta have a pair of silver and gold hoop earrings.
  4. Jeans (#42). C'mon, who doesn't own a pair of jeans? Most versitile piece of clothing you could ever own.
  5. Little Black Dress (#49). Need I say more?
  6. Nail polish (#59)
  7. Sandals (#75). Hello, I'm a Floridian. Gotta have the sandals.
  8. Wide leg trousers (#97). Another work staple of mine. Comfort, comfort, comfort.
  9. Wrap dress (#99). Again, need I say more?
  10. Man's white shirt (#53). Not necessarily a man's shirt, but a classic white button down shirt. Another versitile piece, it can be dressed up or down.


Bubbles said...

Love this entry. Here are the Bubbles Top 10

1. Mascara-waterproof please. Why go anywhere without dark, batty lashes?
2. Well fitted Blazer--you can wear it to the office, wear it to the theater, dinner--you get the idea.
3. Pearls--wear them long like a flapper chick, layered like Madonna or elegantly like Grace Kelly; a long strand of pearls versatile enough to go with any look.
4. Umbrella—I’m with Nina on this one, especially in the (so-called) sunshine state. There’s nothing stylish about runny makeup and wet hair. Plus you can pick up a mini-umbrella for less than $10 at Wal-Mart and they’re small enough to fit even into your smaller bags.
5. Classic Black Pumps—go anywhere, get away with anything.
6. A GOOD STRAPLESS BRA—ladies, a runaway bra-strap is not stylish.
7. Pencil Skirt—it goes day to night to morning after, flatters most body types and makes your legs look longer.
8. Light-weight Scarf-this seems counter intuitive in FLA but light weight scarves draw heat and moisture away from the body and infuse a dose of instant-chic to even the most casual summer outfits.
9. Little Black Dress-duh. Not too little, and it doesn’t even have to be “black” per se. It’s the concept.
10. Well manicured nails—there’s nothing worse than seeing a girl who looks absolutely put together until you notice her nails are chipped.

The Cheap Chica said...

great list, bubbles!

Milly said...

Just the other day i heard of her book and this morning on the way too work..i was thinking to myself must go to bookstore and get her book fast! lol

Snow said...

Thanks for the info. I'll be looking for this book and read it. :)

Lola said...

oh this is cool! I'm excited to read the entire list, although I do agree with a Blackberry and iPod! LOL I'm also in agreement with the ones you selected. These are all key staple items

Anthea said...

I've browsed through both but haven't had a good look. My mom read bits and pieces to me on a road trip! lol Sounded fab though :)

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