Cheap Chicalicious links 10-28-08

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. This is what I think. I think it's hilarious that someone could be so unoriginal when it comes to choosing a name for their site. Sure, it's not the same exact blog name, but they're referring to themselves as "Cheap Chica". I would say that the name that I chose for my site is rather unusual- you don't hear it too often, and for someone to start up a blog with that name, I kinda see is as copying. Whether I do this for fun or business, and whether my content is different from the other's, it's still the name I created, but, what can you do?. It is what it is. I do appreciate all of you readers out there. You know who the original Cheap Chica is, so that's all that matter. Now back to our regularly scheduled program, lol.

  • Cheap holiday travel tips. [The Frugalista Files]

  • Things Poster Girl learned from her recent trip to Europe. [Fashion Trend Guide]

  • Enter the Shop, Rock, and Roll contest. [Bargain Styling]

  • The end of Isaac Mizrahi at Tar-jay. [Style Nosh]


Poster Girl said...

Hi Cheap Chica,

Thanks for the mention! I'm honored!

budget chic said...

Do your thing girl!! Keep promoting your site and your readers will always find you!! In today's economic climate your content is very fresh and a great resource for those who never thought they would have to be on a "budget" until they found out they are reduced to one income instead of two!! You won't have to find anybody they will find you!

The Cheap Chica said...

you're welcome, poster girl. thank you budget chic!

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