Fall shoe shopping@ the Shoe MegaShop

Now it's officially fall here in Chicaville. A cold front came through a couple of days ago and it was chillllyyyyy. I went over to Marshall's in search of a pair of shoes that were cute, yet comfortable for work. The Shoe Mega Shop had a few selections of fall footwear. The only thing I didn't really see were tall boots. They had some ankle boots, but not a lot. Hopefully, in the coming weeks, my local store will get a great selection of boots in. I finally stumbled upon some pumps from Madden Girl. I like that the heel is not too high, so I can walk around in them all day in the office, and I love the big button detail on the front. They were $25. I'll be making another trip to the Shoe MegaShop soon, because there are a couple pairs that I have my eyes on.

a couple of pairs that are on my wishlist.

my Madden Girl pumps

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Dania said...

You have got a nice choice in shoes, I too have got best of their collection at Amazon.com.

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