Today's poll: Are you shopping second hand more due to the rough economy?

Tight economic times have consumers looking for alternative ways save money, driving business at thrift stores to new highs.
"We have had an increase in sales across the board in Southwestern Pennsylvania," David Tobiczyk, Goodwill Industries vice president of marketing and development, said. "The economy plays a good part of it -- but some people just like thrift shopping and seeing what is available."
Goodwill's normal customer demographic used to be women between the ages of 26 and 54 in the middle- to lower-income bracket, Tobiczyk said. But the thrift-store giant has seen that demographic blown away -- it's now catering to entire families.
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Excellent article. A couple months ago, the local news in my town did a story similar to this about the increase of thrift store shopping due to the current state of the economy. Since times are getting hard, do you find yourself shopping second hand more and more? Take the poll below.


Amethyst Clouds said...

Hi, Just wanted to stop by and say I really enjoy your reading your blog and that I picked your blog as one of my 7 favorite blogs that deserves a "Honest Weblog" Award.

Keep up the great work!

The Cheap Chica said...

^^^thank you so much, amethyst clouds, but i don't keep up with the blog award things anymore. i appreciate it, though. keep up the good work on your blog as well.

Lola said...

Well....I've never been into second hand/thrift stores, but I have been shopping a lot less. Perhaps if I lived in LA or NYC, I'd be more apt to visit thrift stores as I'm sure I could find some nice things!

Anonymous said...

I feel I am helping others and the environment when recylcling by shopping the Salvation Army and yard sales. Not to mention I've acquired a kick-ass wardrobe and house/yard in the process and on the cheap.

Read the fashion mags, which by the way are lots cheaper by subscription. All now include "look for less" featured articles.

Lots of fashion isn't how much you spend. It's having a "good eye".

Thanks for all you do , Miss Onika!
You remain my fave blog!

p.s. Glamour magazine has a great CVS giveaway this month. I participated last year and got a goody bag filled with about 8 full-sized products.

TeeThymeDiva said...

OMG, I have certainly noticed an increased volume of shoppers at the ones that I shop at frequently. The article is also right in that the face of the customer has changed.

budget chic said...

I saw this on the news. It was saying that Goodwill got a increase by 10% in their sales and that they were starting to see new customers coming into the store. I think alot of people who would not have thought about shopping thrift before, especially mothers of young children are starting to shop in thrift stores now or they have increased their shopping in these stores. But they said their was a decreased in furniture donations. Guess everybody is selling their stuff on craiglist to generate cash.

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