Ways to save...on fashion

  • It doesn't hurt to browse the clearance rack. I'm not saying that you should buy something just because it's cheap. Buy stuff that you can use and match up with items that you already have.

  • Search online for coupons. Every week I post coupons, or you can try sites like Keycode.com for coupon codes and Wow Coupons for printable coupons. I hardly ever shop online or in-store without a coupon. Hey, I'm The Cheap Chica damnit!

  • Thrift store shopping. About half of my wardrobe is from thrifting. You can find some great items by taking your time and digging through the stuff. Check out my tips for thrift store shopping.

  • Hold a swap party. A great way to score free clothes! Invite a few of your stylish girlfriends over, dump your bags on the floor, and swap away!

  • Accessories- instant outfit updater. If I see a trendy accessory that I like, I don't spend a lot of money on it. I shop at places like Forever 21 or Wet Seal for inexpensive accessories to update my wardrobe.
  • Take care of those clothes. I had people criticize me for buying inexpensive clothing that are only going to fall part when you wash them. My clothes have held up really well. I wash all of my clothing in cold water, delicate cycle, with Tide Total Care (my new laundry favorite). Even some clothes that are supposed to be "dry clean only" can be hand washed with no problem.

Got some budget fashion/shopping tips? Holla!


Anonymous said...

i am on a quest to transition from expensive dept store and boutique makeup to "drugstore cowgirl" brands.

*used my $5 off $20 walgreen's along with:
**** a 69 cents coup for yardley soap x 3 (the lavender smells so pretty)
**** 99 cent and 1.99 mini nail-polishes (a red and a black) from wet'n'wild's halloween collection plus a gorgeous red lipstick
****bogo rimmel blue eyeliner plus a free palette of eye shadows with a mascara purchase and coup, plus she let me use 2 $1 coups
****jane mineral lip gloss (had a $2 off coup.
PLUS . . . . the walgreen's cosmetic counter girls get a commission for sales so they give "freebies" if you check out with them, at least 'round these parts of florida. so i also scored some travel sized items.

Re: coups. i don't cut 'em . i find it easier to keep them uncut in categories. for example, i just stack all the pages with beauty coups in a folder and only cut when needed.

The Cheap Chica said...

^^^that's awesome! i always see great makeup deals from walgreens, but i forget to go in there to buy some.

Anonymous said...

miss c c ,
* i love makeup so walgreen's and cvs ( with the xtra-buc card) offers deals almost free. got 2 4 pks of bic comfort razors this a.m. and got $8 xtra bucs back, plus had 2 $2 coups. they paid me.
*** thx for the inspirations to live the cheap chic life!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

***p.s. also , bath and body works. if you get in their groove, you get full sized free stuff all the time. their stuff makes great "have on hand" gifts , too.

have a beautiful day!


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