This is why I don't f**k with Black Friday

NEW YORK — A man working for discount retailer Wal-Mart was killed on Friday in a stampede by frenzied shoppers who broke down doors and surged into a Long Island, New York store, a police spokesman said.
The 34-year-old man was at the entrance of the Valley Stream Wal-Mart store just after it opened at 5 a.m. and was knocked to the ground, the police report said.
The exact cause of death was still to be determined by a medical examiner.[Continue reading source...]

The way some people act on Black Friday, you would think these stores were handing out free merchandise for people to lose their minds like that. My heart goes out to this man's family. It's a shame he had to lose his life because some idiots out there couldn't wait to get inside of the store. Ridiculous. Question. Why was Wally World closed? Aren't they 24 hours?


Poster Girl said...

The shopping frenzy and the greedy mentality of Black Friday is why I avoid shopping on this day every year. I don't have the patience and find it ridiculous. Poor guy! That's just wrong.

The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

There are some Wal-Marts that aren't open 24 hrs., there is one near me like that.

I think that is just sad. There is nothing I want in that store that bad that I have to trample someone! Ridiculous.

closetcolumnist said...

I live in NYC and traveled to the outlets in Lancaster, Pa to shop for reasons like this. There was no traffic and store lines were like any typical day. BTW, the Walmarts in Long Island aren't 24 hrs.

The Cheap Chica said...

for some strange reason, i thought they turned all of the walmarts into 24 hour walmarts. i know here in chicaville and surrounding counties, all of them are 24 hours.

Days like These! said...

that story is horrible!

no black friday sale frenzy foolishness for me!

Anonymous said...

great shoppers can find deals every day of the week as you prove with your wonderful blog.

very sad story.

i would prefer enjoying thanksgiving day and night with family and friends rather than plot a shopping day.

budget chic said...

I bought what I needed off of Walmart on line. I just don't do Walmart on Black Friday,

Katie said...

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