Cheap Chicalicious mail: I may need your help on this one

I am looking for a replica of Ashanti's dress worn on 106th and Park. It is a black and white gingham dress. The dress is shown on "I Like Your Style" dated in March of 2008. Thanks

I remember this post that Sylvia did, and if I'm not mistaken, the dress that Ashanti has on is from Diane Von Furstenberg? Correct me if I'm wrong. Ms. Anita needs a much inexpensive version of this dress, and after days of trying to comb the internet in between work and home life, I came up empty handed. I'm sorry I've failed you *teardrops falling, lol*. So, if any of you kind Cheap Chicas out there have a clue as to where Ms. Anita can find a replica of this dress, drop a link in the comments. Thank you. The Cheap Chica loves you *smootches*.


simply me, apple red said...

Awww I'm sorry you didn't find one. I know that feeling all too well, right now I'm stuck trying to find a beautiful blue plaid jacket imitation of what Beyonce wore for her Seventeen interview.

Here's a link.


Super cute right?

What's worse is I think I missed my golden opportunity Knockoff - A Joneswear Blue Plaid Jacket (totally sold out) for 40 bucks from JC Penny. (I couldn't find an online pic, though on this page it's the first item in the slideshow)


Worse than not finding a knockoff is finding a great one and missing it.

As a bigger girl making size, cost, and style come together ain't easy. I'll keep searching and crossing my fingers and I wish you luck!

The Cheap Chica said...

thanks apple red! that plaid cute is cute.

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