Cheap Chicalicious mail: What to wear with this top on New Year's Eve

Dear Cheap Chica,
I bought this top from Forever 21, and I was planning on wearing it with black skinny pants and heels to a New Year's party. Should I accessorize it? I don't want to add too many accessories because it already has sequins up top
.- Casey

I love this top. I was thinking about getting it myself. To answer your question, I would just do maybe a bold ring and a clutch. Like you said, it already has sequins on top, so adding a necklace (in my opinion) would be a little much. However, if you wear your hair up, you could add a pair of hoop earrings. If the hair is worn down, just stick with the ring and the clutch. Hope that helps and have fun!

  1. top $13.50, Forever 21
  2. clutch $19.80, Forever 21
  3. black skinny pants $24.50, Wet Seal
  4. ring $5.80, Forever 21
  5. strappy heels $25, Target


Anonymous said...

cvs has two pgs of free after purchase extra bucs. picked up sally hansen nail polish and l'oreal hip eyeshadow; they paid me after coups!
other things free . . . . only thru tomorrow. if they ran out, which they often do, if you're real nice the manager will give you a "free" raincheck. if they don't offer, tell them you'll call the cvs customre hotline and they'll ante up!
have a beautiful christmas!
if your hair is up, maybe long skinny earrings?

The Cheap Chica said...

that's awesome! i haven't been to cvs in a minute. long skinny earrings would work, too.

TeeThymeDiva said...

cute 'fit!

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