Ways to save... on books, music, and movies

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts. Here are ways to save on books, music, and movies...

Books and Magazines:
  1. Check out books and magazines from the library. Hello, can we say free? Free always, unless you don't turn them back in on time, and the fees start adding up.
  2. Have a fave magazine that you're always buying from the store at $4 a pop every month? The cheap (and smart) thing to do is just buy a subscription. Depending on the magazine, subscriptions are generally under $20 a year, so you'll save about $28. Or, borrow a current issue from a friend if she subscribes to your favorite magazine.
  3. Check out Digi-zines.com to read issues of some magazines online- for free.
  4. Book Mooch lets you swap your unwanted books with fellow swappers. Check it out.

TV, DVD's, and Video games:

  1. Love video games, but can't afford to plop down $30-$60 on a brand new game? A lot of video game stores, Game Stop being one of them, have used games you could buy for a fraction of the cost of a brand new one. You can also check out Game Fly, where you could rent games for a monthly fee- sort of like Netflix.
  2. Speaking of Netflix, rent dvd's- with no late fees and usually a short wait to receive movies- for a small fee a month on some plans. *shameless plug* Netflix lets you rent, watch and return DVDs from home - Try free for 2 weeks
  3. Check out swapping sites such as Swap A DVD and Swap Tree to trade your unwanted dvd's and video games with fellow traders.
  4. Watch select tv shows and movies for free at Hulu or Modern Feed for select tv shows. You can also check out the network's website for replays of a missed episode.


  1. Looking for used Cd's on the cheap? Check out Half.com and Amazon for used CD's for the fraction of the cost of a brand new one. Sometimes, if there is a particular CD that I'm looking for that the music stores don't carry, I check out these sites for it.
  2. More swapping..... check out Swap A CD (a sister site of Swap A DVD)
  3. When I'm at work, I'm always listening to a streaming radio station. It mellows me out. Browse thousand of different genres on sites like Live 365 ( they have my fave neo-soul stations) and Pandora (lets you create stations based on your favorite songs or artists) and stream away.

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