Weekend finds: Finishing my holiday shopping at T.J. Maxx

I didn't want to do it, being the weekend before Christmas and all, but I had to finish holiday shopping. I didn't have time during the week because of work, so I had to brave the traffic and the crowds. Mr. Cheap Chica and I ended up going to TJ Maxx.
Sidenote: Let me explain something to y'all. I like TJ Maxx, I really do. But only the ones outside of Chicaville. For some strange reason, the three TJ Maxx stores that are in my area are. not. that. great. I hardly ever find anything I like out of either of them. Yesterday was different, though. Maybe it was because I was shopping for other people that I just happened to find some stuff.
Anyway, the people left to buy on my list were my cousin's baby, one of my good friends, and my fashionista aunt. Here's what I found:

Dereon clutch (yeah, I know, more Dereon): This one if for my fashionista aunt. She admired my Dereon purse that I bought a couple of weeks ago, she wanted one for herself. She wanted to borrow mine, but I know if she got her hands on it, I wouldn't see it again. I got her this clutch for when she hits the town with her buddies and she wouldn't have to worry about carrying a purse on her shoulder all night.

Carter's onesie: This is for my cousin's baby. She isn't born yet, but I figure I should give it to my cousin for Christmas instead of waiting for her baby shower. I don't do baby showers so I won't be attending. I also bought a 2-set of pants for her also.

Baby Phat handbag: For my good friend. She is a Baby Phat fanatic. I couldn't decide on this one, or this one
I like the above one because of the design and the shape of it. But, it's smaller than the second one and my friend love bigger handbags, so I went with the second one.

I just happened to find something that I like..... but unfortunately, it didn't fit as well as I thought it would. New Year's resolution, lose weight, lol.

Well, now that the hard part is over, I hope everyone like their gifts. I am ready for Christmas. Are you?


Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Anonymous said...

I was wondering why you don't do baby showers? When I had my first son I invited about 50 people and only 4 showed up. Even though they're (baby showers) a pain it might mean a lot to your cousin if you showed up :) Not trying to upset you... just saying..

Anyway, I've followed your blog for awhile and it's GREAT!

The Cheap Chica said...

^^^@ anonymous- it's not because i don't want to go, it's just that the first (and only one) that i've been to was kind of annoying and the person who the shower was for seemed kind of annoyed with everyone being there (even though she planned this whole thing in the first place). i understand that she was pregnant and didn't feel like being bothered with people (why throw a shower when you're going to be surrounded by people?), but she could've cancelled it or cut the party short, not be a royal b***ch to everyone. Now, about my cousin, her side of the family (she's my uncle's daugher from a previous relationship)are real characters. I don't feel like being around people like that. Thanks for reading, girlie, I appreciate it.

C.C.H said...

I LUV all your gift choices:)especially the BP bag.Maybe when my sisters i luv to death have a baby then maybe, but i don't care how close the person is with me, i don't do Baby showers either .and it is due to the exact same reasons you specified Cheap Chica:)

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