Wet Seal carry plus sizes now

While browsing one of my favorite spots for affordable fashion, Wet Seal, I noticed that they are carrying a few items in plus sizes. I'm not talking about the largest size being XL (depending on who you talk to, that is plus-size to them confused), I'm talking about sizes up to XXXL. Right now, they don't have very many pieces and they're only available online. Maybe they're just testing these few items out to see how well they will sell? Hopefully, they will start selling them in-store and others will hop on the bandwagon as well. Forever 21, I'm looking at you, lol.


TeeThymeDiva said...

Thanks for the heads up on this one. I like some of the clothes in there, but have been turned off b/c of the sizing.

ranksubjugation said...

Yay! My mom always laments the fact that she can't find cute, trendy clothes in her size. I know she'd be thrillllllled if F21 started carrying plus sizes.

Anonymous said...

sorry, i can't agree with you on this one! with few exceptions young women do not need to be wearing triple XL! nor do they need unhealthy rolls around the middle, predisposing them to a host of preventable diseases.

america is too fat. as a whole, we eat junky foods, too much of it , and move less. we drink unhealthy sugar waters . this is a national crisis in my opinion. it costs much in health care.

i love that obama can be photographed shooting hoops or playing in the hawaiian surf with his shirt off. i hope fitness is one of many areas his influence will be felt.

i'm not saying never indulge, but junk should be a treat, not the norm. talk about saving money? a healthy lifestyle saves on very expensive doctor bills and meds!!!!

simply me, apple red said...

I'm really not sure where anonymous was going with her/his comment and feel vaguely insulted (are you suggesting that those who do engage in more than the occassional indulgence don't deserve to wear fashionable clothing? Or that you or anyone else has right to judge what clothing is made available to them?)

Anyway good for Wet Seal I hope other stores jump on the bandwagon, reality speaking most stores styles run small so even the largest size they carry 15 in some, 16 in others doesn't quite fit. Finally women of ALL sizes deserve to wear beautiful clothing and let me tell you, nothing inspires a woman to take more pride in her body and possibly eat better and make healthier choices than feeling like her body is being celebrated rather than relegated to frumpy, ugly, online.

We should all look fabulous, period.

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