Today's printables and codes

  • Ulta: 20% off your purchase. Expires 2-2-08.
  • Roaman's: 30% off any item. Coupon code: RD10994. Expires 3-31-08.
  • Baghaus: 10% off Baghaus Perfo Perfect Totes & Pochettes. Coupon code: PERFOTEN. Expires 2-3-08.
  • Lulu's Fashion Lounge: 20% off your purchase. Coupon code: SEVENTEEN. Valid 2/5- 3/10/08. Taken from Seventeen magazine.
  • Alloy: 25% off all dresses. Coupon code: AMAR08. Valid 2/5- 3/10/08. Taken from Seventeen magazine.
  • Rampage: 20% off any purchase. Coupon code: 17MAG. Valid 2/5- 3/10/08. (Seventeen magazine)
  • Chinese Laundry: 20% off your purchase. Coupon code: SEVENTEENCL0308. (Seventeen magazine)
  • Go Jane: 20% off any purchase. Coupon code: SPRING17. Valid 2/5- 3/10/08. (Seventeen magazine)


"It" bags....out?

Irene Weisburd used to buy 20 handbags a year, dutifully getting on waiting lists for the season's designated "it" bag and filling her "bag wardrobe" with Fendi Baguettes, a Louis Vuitton Murakami bag and Prada nylon backpacks.
Recently, however, she has bypassed popular styles such as last fall's Gucci Indy bag and the ubiquitous Fendi 'B' bag in favor of unadorned pieces from Bottega Veneta and lesser-known labels such as New York's MZ Wallace.
Icons: Grace Kelly and the Kelly bag; Sarah Jessica Parker and Fendi; Kate Moss and Balenciaga.
"I felt like, 'Gee, all these bags are so attainable by a lot of people that everyone's carrying around that bag,' " says Ms. Weisburd, a 59-year-old homemaker who lives in New York City. "I wanted something that was more exclusive."
For the past 10 years or so, fashion houses have churned out expensive bags with distinctive shapes and logos in the hopes that they'd catch on as that season's sensation. Consumers, seeking the status a recognizable bag conferred, flocked to buy them, helping to fuel the recent luxury boom.
But as big luxury brands have expanded world-wide, offering more entry-level products to reach more consumers, some high-end shoppers are getting turned off. The proliferation of knockoffs has helped erode the mystique of owning a high-end bag. Affluent customers have grown confident in their own sense of style and increasingly turning to unique accessories to set themselves apart from the crowd. On top of that, the recent stock market selloff and downturn in consumer spending has many consumers shunning spending that could be considered ostentatious. As retailers head into the new year, some are declaring that "it" is over.
[Continue reading source...]
Speak on it.


Weekend finds: My experience with Steve and Barry

Friday night, Mr. Cheap Chica and I finally went shopping at the new Steve and Barry's that opened up over a week ago. It was a zoo in there. It was so busy. They were still having their grand opening sale, which was $8.98 or less for the entire store. I shopped most of the Bitten stuff while Mr. Cheap Chica browsed the shoe section. All that stuff that I posted last week, with the exception of the gray vest, that I wanted was nowhere to be found. I don't know if they didn't get the stuff in or everyone bought them all. I was kind of disappointed, but I bought some cute things.

  • Bitten vest $8.98
  • gold filigre pendant, cuff bracelet, and elephant necklace, all from Bitten, all $8.98 apiece. I didn't quite understand why the jewelry was $8.98 when I saw online that they are $6. I told that to the cashier, but he said the register wouldn't let him override the price. Whatev.

I also bought a pair of gray trousers, a black pair of slim trousers, a black pencil skirt, two sets of bangle bracelets (gold and silver), a pair of shoes for Mr. Cheap Chica, a black cardigan, a pair of Bitten bootcut jeans, and a pair of pajama shorts. Despite what a nightmare the store was, the staff was very friendly and had an upbeat attitude. Man, if that were me working there on a day like that, I probably would've had a nervous breakdown, lol. I will definitely visit again, but only during the week when their stock's replenished and the store's a lot less busier.


Freebies for all!!!

And here are some more coupons that I've found:


Be a red hot mama for Valentine's Day

Put on your red dress, and slip on your high heels, and some of that sweet perfume. It sure smells good on you...
-Johnny Gill "My, My, My"

Cheap Chica reader, Sweetin(?), needs a sexy red dress for Valentine's Day. I'm assuming it's for V-day. I kind of forgot the details of the message, so I'm sorry, Sweetin. Anywho, I found these red dresses under $50. There's something about a red dress that screams "sexy", and you don't need too many accessories because the red does all of the talking. A black or metallic heel, a clutch, and a pair of gold or diamond earrings is pretty much all you need to complete your Valentine's Day look.


New spring styles @ Payless

I haven't been to Payless in about a month. I usually wait until BOGO, and I can't wait until it rolls around again so I can snatch up a couple of pairs of the cute new spring styles.

Harper Slide
$22.99. These would look so nice with a cute maxi dress.

Divine Peep-Toe Flat
$22.99. Add some life to a boring tee and jeans.

Korky Platform Pump Wide

Kailey Patent Pump
$19.99. Yellow and patent. Two trends that are still around in the '08.

Lilith Geo Pump

Today's printables and codes


Thrift score: More Goodwill finds and my tips for thrift store shopping

Yesterday, I found myself at the new Goodwill again. I can't help it. Ever since this Goodwill store opened up in my town, I have been hooked. They have the most awesome stuff there- better than all of the local Goodwills I have ever visited. This time, I went there in search of work clothes again, mainly bottoms. Last week, I found a pair of brand new Alice Temperley dress pants for $4 and a pair of loafers. This time, I walked out with a top and a brand new Mossimo swing jacket, both $3.49 apiece, and a brand new pair of Mossimo plaid pants for $3.99. Sweet!

I enjoy thrift shopping. I find really cool things when I go. You got to have time and patience, and that's what count when hunting for that bargain. Here are some thrift store shopping tips that I abide by:

Before you go...
  1. Eat before you go or take a small bag of chips or something. You're going to need the energy.
  2. Dress comfortably. If you're going to be there for a while, you might as well be comfortable while digging through those racks. When I go, I wear a tank, sometimes a long pull on skirt, and some flip flops just in case the store doesn't have fitting rooms or if they're all full.
  3. Take some kind of allergy medication. If you're like me, the dust and musty smell of the store really gets to me, so I pop a couple of Benedryl or Claritin before I go. Last week, I didn't take any and plus I still had a nasty cough from my illness, so I was about to die in there.

While you're there...

  1. Check your items for stains, ripped seams, missing buttons, etc. Some stuff can easily be repaired- snatch it up and fix it when you get home. If it looks unrepairable, leave it. So not worth it even though it's cheap. As for shoes, I make sure they are in like new condition. Sure, you might find some shoes with minor wear to them, and that's okay, just as long as they're not completed busted. Please don't buy busted ass shoes. Why would you want to?
  2. Scour. Every. Single. Area. You might find your "gem" hidden in a place it doesn't belong.
  3. Don't expect fitting rooms to be there. Some thrift stores have them, some don't. If you happen to be in a store where there's no fitting rooms, see line #2 above in "before you go".

After the hunt is over...

  1. Wash and repair your items. The first thing I do before I wear my items is launder them and fix that missing button or sew that seam up if needed. Always, always, always (I can't stress this enough) wash the garments before you wear them. You don't know where those clothes have been, so wash them to be on the safe side. As for shoes, spray the insides with a disinfectant spray or wipe down with an antibacterial cloth. Clean scuff marks if you have some (I heard nail polish remover works well).
  2. Rock it and rock it well. A few gals who know how to rock the hell out of their thrift store finds- Thrifty Fashionisa, Vintage Bunny, and I Spy Thrift Eye. Check em' out. Oh, and check out Soul Tanggg. That girl finds some awesome stuff for super cheap.


Double duty

I'll admit, I'm a lazy person sometimes when it comes to restocking on beauty,hair, and medicine products. I'll either forget to go to the store to buy more, or I just don't feel like going and bitch about not having that particular item later. To hold me over until I get off of my lazy ass to go to the store, I just use other stuff from my bathroom closet or kitchen. I find these tips to work for ME. May not work for everybody.
  1. Hair conditoner as shaving cream: It softens the hair on my legs so that it's easier to shave off, plus it doesn't dry out my legs like soap does.
  2. Hair gel or spray to tame eyebrows: I just put a dab of gel on my brow brush to tame them or I'll use a little bit of hairspray.
  3. Baking soda as an antacid. Make sure it's thoroughly dissolved in warm water.
  4. Vaseline as lip balm: I carry a small tube in my purse just in case I misplace my lip balm or I run out. I also use Vaseline to moisturize my hands when I've run out of hand lotion.
  5. Rubbing alcohol for pimples: Yeah, it's drying, but it sure dries out my pimples. I apply it to my pimples right before bedtime and in the morning, I use an oil-free moisturizer.

Got some tips? Please share.

Steve and Barry's finally opens in Chicaville

Steve and Barry's finally opened here on Friday- and I didn't get a chance to go. I started to go today, but I went thrifting instead. I think I'm going to go check it out next week. I was browsing the Bitten collection to see what's new before I go, and there's some pretty cute pieces this time around. Not saying that the pieces that first debuted last year weren't cute, I just like this collection better. Hopefully, the items I want will be in the store when I get there, lol. Here's some of the pieces I have my eye on:

  • houndstooth coat $19.98
  • sleeveless ruffle shirt $7.98
  • black peacoat $19.98
  • vest $14.98
  • suspender wide leg trousers $14.98
  • cuffed trousers $14.98
  • flats $14.98


Star style under $100: Katie Holmes

picture source

Katie is actually wearing a dress underneath this coat, but the coat that I chose is cute enough to wear alone as a dress, don't ya' think? I'm not that brave, but if I were, I would wear it with a pair of tights. This is a cute look on Katie, but isn't it just a tad bit cold in NYC? Just wondering. Anyway, back to wearing this trench alone as a dress- what do you think?


New job and the flu

If you've noticed that I've been posting less and less, the reason is because I've started a new job and I'm sick with the flu (I'm getting better). Yep, I'm now an Accounts Receivable/Payable clerk at my job. It's still the same place where I've been working, I'm just in the office now, and I'm lacking office attire. What I need to do is buy more pants. I have a lot of shirts appropriate for the office, but not enough bottoms. The majority of the bottoms I have are denim, and we can only wear those on Fridays. I've started looking for pants this past Saturday at my local Goodwill. Why Goodwill? Because I was still a little sick and didn't feel like driving too far to shop, lol. So far I've only found a pair of black Alice Temperley for Target dress pants (new with tags) for $4, and they can go with a lot of tops that I have. Hopefully, I'll feel up to it to go out to the department stores this weekend. Anyway, sorry for the lack of posts.

Today's printables and codes


This week's Baghaus deal


Under $5 find

To all my Chicas who wear sizes 10 and 11, this deal's for you.
plaid ballet flat $4.49, Old Navy


Hot new bags @ Accessory Bug

The ladies over at Accessory Bug never disappoint me when it comes to cute handbags. I especially like the black bag down below. It has my name written all over it, lol. Click on the pics for more info on these bags. And, because the lovely Accessory Bug ladies love us so much, they've hooked us up with a 10% off coupon. Just use code POSTXMAS at the checkout. Offer ends 3-1-08.

Lead the pack with this pewter Chloe-inspired Paddington handbag, one of the most coveted bags in an irresistible hue. Similar bags have dangled from the limbs of "It" girls Nicole Richie and Ashlee Simpson. Our version is skillfully manufactured from a buttery soft, eco-friendly faux-leather that looks and feels like the real thing. The bowler-style handbag features double straps and goldtone padlock and hardware accents. Priced at $54.99

You have the whole clan together and it’s time to raid the stores for after-Thanksgiving sales. Yet the very person you’re buying for tags along and you’re worried their gift might be spoiled. No worries. With this quality leather-like shopper-style bag, you’ll have no problem disguising such purchases from unwanted eyes. Toss it on and it’ll be evident to those around that you have style and plenty of it! The chic, smooth grain handbag with antiqued metal hardware is trimmed with pebbled faux-croc double handles, overlapping top flap with buckle detail and insets. Designed with multiple compartments to help you stay organize. Priced at $45.99


Today's printables and codes

  • Karmaloop: $1.99 shipping with any order. Coupon code: SHIP. Expires 1-28-08.

  • Kohls: 10% off your order. Coupon code: NEW1924. Expires 1-12-08.

  • Baghaus: 10% off all Baghaus Stones Collection luxury totes and satchels. Coupon code: STONESTEN. Expires 1-13-07.

  • Any Knock Off: Free shipping on orders over $100. No coupon code or expiration.


Weekend finds: I didn't have to leave the house to go shopping

Just a few items I bought from both Target and Walmart websites:

Juniors Elite Plaid City Shorts $6, Walmart. Since I need more bottoms and the weather is starting to warm up again, these are perfect. I think they are so cute.

Mossimo "Gracie" boot $30, Target. I actually bought these in-store, in black last week. They were actually cheaper than the online price. I wanted a pair of just plain black boots to wear with my dresses and skirts and for $15, I couldn't leave them sitting on the shelf.

Mossimo sweater tunic $12.49, Target. This was also cheaper in-store, but they didn't have my size. I'm glad they had it online. This sweater is so cute in real life. I plan on wearing it with a pair of skinny jeans and some brown boots.

Juniors Elite Print Trapeze Top $5, Walmart. This is a cute spring top.

Cheapalicious hair tip: Avocado oil for overworked hair

Here's a video from Ford model, Lori, on how she uses avocado oil to condition her overworked hair. Enjoy!


Hey Chicas! If you look to the right in my sidebar, you'll see my chatbox where you could chat with me when I'm online. For some reason, it's been showing that I'm "online" when I'm actually not. So for you ladies that typed in a message and waited on my reply and noticed that I've haven't replied to you, I'm sorry. It's a problem with the chatbox and I have to find out what's wrong with it. So when you see that it says I'm "online", ignore that until I can get this problem straighten out. Thanks.

P.S. To Roxi and Beebo who left messages earlier today, thanks for the love. I appreciate it.

***update*** I think I fixed it, so now it's working


20% off @ Lulu's Fashion Lounge

click on pic to shop at Lulu's Fashion Lounge!


Cheap Chicalicious links 1-2-08

Today's printables and codes

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