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Designer way vs. The Cheap Chica way: Metallic gladiator sandals


Guiseppe Zanotti gladiator sandals $654, Zappos


The Cheap Chica way...


Today's printables and codes


The Essence Network

Cheap Chica readers, I am now a member of the Essence Network. You can check out this network of blogs and sites by clicking here and taking a look. You may find some more interesting blogs to add to your list of reads.


Cash, check , or charge

  1. Cash: strappy lace up peep toe boot $42, Go Jane
  2. Check: "BOMBB" open toe boot (available for pre-order) $150, Steve Madden
  3. Charge: Balenciaga peep toe boot $4175, click here for Balenciaga stores.


Teens are becoming thrifty

The souring job market and rising costs of the usual teenage indulgences _ a slice of pizza, a drive to the mall, the hottest new jeans _ are causing teens to do something they rarely do: be thrifty.
It's a far cry from the freewheeling spending of recent years, when teens splurged on $100 Coach wristlet handbags, $60 Juicy Couture T-shirts and $80 skinny jeans from Abercrombie & Fitch.
Now jobs for teens are less plentiful, and parents who supply the allowances are feeling the economic pinch themselves.
[Continue reading source...]
So, if there are any teen readers out there, what are some of your thrifty tips? Holla!


So....what are you going to do with your tax refund?

Last year, a tax refund might have been a perfect excuse to finally splurge on that luxurious Coach handbag, or dinner at that hot new restaurant downtown.
This year, that tax refund check likely means another sobering trip to the grocery store or gas station.
With shoppers feeling the burden of rising food costs, high gasoline prices, a slumping housing market, a weakening jobs picture, and the possiblity of a recession, many intend to use their tax refund this year to cover everyday expenses.
[Continue reading source... Thanks Stephanie!]


"Life in the Fab Lane" will be back on Sunday

Kimora Lee Simmons' reality show, "Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane" will be back for a second season on the Style Network, Sunday April 20th (check your local listings). Check out a preview:

click here for more info on the show

Today's printables and codes


How to remove tarnish from silver

Here's a cheap and easy way to remove tarnish from your silver jewelry. I tried it on my earrings and it worked. The tarnish is gone and the shine is back. Click on the link below for the directions.

Tarnish removal method using baking soda and aluminum foil

as you can see, the experiment brought the shine back to my earrings and removed the tarnish


Star style: Beyonce's Balenciaga heels

Remember the Balenciaga shoes that Beyonce wore when she performed at last year's American Music Awards? Yeah, the Lego/ Transformers shoes, lol. Well, I never thought in a million years that those shoes would ever get knocked off, and guess what? They did. For those of you who want your own pair of Lego shoes for a fraction of what Bey paid for hers, ta da!!!

"Brenda" $80, Bakers Shoes


Under $5 find

acrylic tear drop earring $4.99, Diva Boutiques

$0.35 gas, holy sh@t!!!!

Deshauna Canty is never in a good mood after filling up her Lincoln Navigator.
But she was all smiles today when she swiped her Visa credit card to pay after gassing up her sport utility vehicle.
Why wouldn’t she be? Gas was 35 cents a gallon.
Canty was among hundreds of people who found temporary relief from $3-plus gasoline prices today after an employee accidentally set the price at 35 cents at the Kangaroo Express station at 17th Street and Wellington Avenue, employees said.
The trouble started about 9 a.m. today when an attendant at the BP station punched in 35 cents instead of $3.35 for premium-grade gasoline, said employee Shane Weller. The mistake wasn’t noticed until about 6 p.m., when crowds jammed the pumps and caused traffic jams on nearby roads, Weller said
. [Continue reading source...]

Stories like this make me WISH that the Shell Station down the street would make a mistake like that, lol. My favorite part from this article was this quote right here:
“People had been coming in all day stiffing us, not telling us nothing,” Weller said. “They knew something was wrong because regular gas was still $3-something a gallon, and when have you ever known premium gas to be lower than regular?”
Sir, are you serious? Do you really think that the customers are going to point out a fuck up by one of your employees that works in their favor? I don't think so.


New goodies @ Accessory Bug!

How cute is this tote from Accessory Bug? It kinda reminds me of the Mui Mui chevron quilted totes. This is one of the few new goodies at Accessory Bug that I absolutely adore. Check them out here. Also, the wonderful ladies over at Accessory Bug hooked y'all up with another coupon code. Use code aprsale at the checkout for 10% off. Offer expires 5-31-08.

Chevron patent tote $57.99

I love bargain shopping, but not THIS much!

The siren song of the clearance rack is hard to resist. For some people, it's impossible.
For New Mexico schoolteacher Marie Barger, bargain shopping was an addiction as powerful as drugs or alcohol -- one that took her seven years to pay off. Years after her husband took away her maxed-out credit cards, she still comes across old purchases that make her cringe, such as the full-figured adult size 16 uniform pants she bought for her tiny 12-year-old daughter simply because they were 80% off.
"She's superskinny. Maybe if she got pregnant one day she could wear them," Barger says
["You've got to be kidding me"-Cheap Chica] .

Do you know someone who has a bargain shopping addiction?


Today's printables and codes


KMart's Style ShowOff contest

Want to win a spot in KMart's national ad campaign and $10,000 worth of KMart gift cards? All you have to do is show off your style. If you got great style, don't be scared, enter the contest. While you're there, check out these style videos and some of the contest entries . Contest ends 4-27-08. Good luck!


Today's printables and codes

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