Designer way vs. Cheap Chica Way


Jimmy Choo "Lumiere" patent d'orsay $585, Bergdorf Goodman



Today's printables and codes

I heart this!

I've been obsessed with peacocks for as long as I can remember. They're just so beautiful. I've had tops with peacock prints on them, I have a pair of peacock earrings, and I'm most definitely going to add this bangle into my collection, lol.

painted peacock bangle $12, Lulu's


Cheap and cheaper: Chain link thong sandals

I love the chain link thong sandals that are out right now. They must be hot sellers, because everywhere I go, my size and the color I want are always sold out. However, I did find these two lovely pairs. The pair on the left is from Steve Madden and the pair on the right is from Target. And me, being the queen of cheap, I think I'll go for the Target pair. Which one would you choose?

Today's printables and codes


What I'm reading now: "Shop Your Closet" by Melanie Charlton Fascitelli

It's that time of the year again- cleaning and organizing the closet. For those of you about to tackle that overstuffed, eyesore of a closet, read this book first. "Shop Your Closet" will help you get that closet straighten out- from weeding out those big shopping mistakes and impulse buys (don't front, you know got some in your closet, lol) and shopping for clothes that flatter your body, to keeping the closet organized. Oh, and I also love the author's "Ten Commandments of Hanging".
  1. Thou shalt hang as much as possible in thy closet.
  2. Thou shalt not hang sweaters.
  3. Thou shalt banish wire hangers from thy closet. I haven't had a wire hanger in my closet since watching "Mommie Dearest", lol.
  4. Thou shalt have matching hangers.
  5. Thou shalt use appropriate hangers for appropriate garments.
  6. Thou shalt not kill clothes with plastic.
  7. Honor thy breathing room of thy clothing.
  8. Thou shalt not hang thy clothes with strangers.
  9. Thou shalt color code.
  10. Honor thy pants and thy sweaters.


Lunchbreak shopping: Marshall's Shoe Mega Shop

I haven't been to my local Marshalls in a while, so I decided to pop in there on my lunch break to find some shoes for work. Marshalls has expanded their shoe department, calling it the Shoe MegaShop. It's kind of like a store within a store. Remember when you had to go to the shelves with your size on it and find shoes that way? Now you can shop the shoes by the style rather than size and find your size in the boxes below the display shoe. If you're trying to get an idea on what the hell I'm talking about here's a pic:

I found a couple of pairs of shoes for work.

brown Bandolino wedges and Mudd pumps, both $25 each

I think I'm going to check out the other Marshalls in my town this weekend. They'll probably have a bigger and better selection to choose from. Next time you're in Marshalls, check out the Shoe MegaShop. To see if your local Marshalls have one, click here.


Summer 2008 trend: Maxi dress

The maxi dress, definitely one of my wardrobe staples right now. Here are a few cute ones that I've found.

What to wear with maxi dresses:

Shoes: A cute wedge, platform, or flat sandal always work.

Jewelry: With a bold print dress, keep it simple. The dress is the maxi part of your outfit, so you don't need to overdo it with big bold jewelry. Now, if the dress is a solid color, punch it up a bit with a bold necklace or a nice pair of earrings.


A Mother's Day treat from Accessory Bug

Mother's Day is a week away, Chicas, and the lovely ladies over at Accessory Bug wants to hook you up with a 20% discount to get mommy something special. Just enter coupon code mom08 at the checkout. Offer expires 5-8-08.


Steal of the day: Snake-skin gladiator sandals

As you can tell, I'm obsessed with all these cute gladiator sandals out in the stores right now. Here's a cute pair that I found from Payless. Might have to cop me a pair.

Toni Sandal $18, Payless
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