Designer way vs. The Cheap Chica way: Ruffle booties


L.A.M.B "Camden" bootie $430.95, Endless (get free overnight shipping and 20% off with the purchase of two pairs of boots)


"Ruffles" bootie $79.95, Bakers

Under $5 finds@ Wet Seal

***update*** The items are no longer this cheap. These prices reflect a sale on clearance that was an additional 65% off. As far as I know, they are still having this in-store promotion, but check with your local store.

Fall shoe shopping@ the Shoe MegaShop

Now it's officially fall here in Chicaville. A cold front came through a couple of days ago and it was chillllyyyyy. I went over to Marshall's in search of a pair of shoes that were cute, yet comfortable for work. The Shoe Mega Shop had a few selections of fall footwear. The only thing I didn't really see were tall boots. They had some ankle boots, but not a lot. Hopefully, in the coming weeks, my local store will get a great selection of boots in. I finally stumbled upon some pumps from Madden Girl. I like that the heel is not too high, so I can walk around in them all day in the office, and I love the big button detail on the front. They were $25. I'll be making another trip to the Shoe MegaShop soon, because there are a couple pairs that I have my eyes on.

a couple of pairs that are on my wishlist.

my Madden Girl pumps


Get free bangles from Twisted Silver!

Hey Chicas, do y'all want some cute, free bracelets? Go to Twisted Silver and place an order between now and 11-4-08, and you'll get these two bracelets for free. Aren't they cute? They could be someone's gift for this Christmas.


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Cheap Chicalicious links 10-28-08

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. This is what I think. I think it's hilarious that someone could be so unoriginal when it comes to choosing a name for their site. Sure, it's not the same exact blog name, but they're referring to themselves as "Cheap Chica". I would say that the name that I chose for my site is rather unusual- you don't hear it too often, and for someone to start up a blog with that name, I kinda see is as copying. Whether I do this for fun or business, and whether my content is different from the other's, it's still the name I created, but, what can you do?. It is what it is. I do appreciate all of you readers out there. You know who the original Cheap Chica is, so that's all that matter. Now back to our regularly scheduled program, lol.

  • Cheap holiday travel tips. [The Frugalista Files]

  • Things Poster Girl learned from her recent trip to Europe. [Fashion Trend Guide]

  • Enter the Shop, Rock, and Roll contest. [Bargain Styling]

  • The end of Isaac Mizrahi at Tar-jay. [Style Nosh]



For those of you that don't like to type in http://www.thecheapchica.blogspot.com/, now you can just type in http://www.thecheapchica.net/. The old address still works, but this is a shorter way.


Slowly re-doing my blog list

Since blogrolling is having problems right now, I'm editing my blog list through Blogger. Bear with me as I slowly try to remember whose blogs to add.


Lunchbreak shopping: Goodbye Steve and Barry

As you know, Steve and Barry's is closing some of its stores and Chicaville's store just happens to be one of them. I went there Thursday on my lunchbreak to see what was left After wandering around aimlessly through the mess for about fifteen minutes, I finally found a couple of things. The first item I found was a pair of gold thong sandals (like I really need more gold shoes). It's still hot down here, so I'll get a few wears out of them before it cools down.
I then found this Bitten tote. I love the color of it and it's roomy, but I'm not sure of how you're suppose to carry it. I guess either way?
Both items were $5 a piece.


I thought I was the only Cheap Chica

It appears that there is another Cheap Chica out in the blogsphere.


Ways to save...on fashion

  • It doesn't hurt to browse the clearance rack. I'm not saying that you should buy something just because it's cheap. Buy stuff that you can use and match up with items that you already have.

  • Search online for coupons. Every week I post coupons, or you can try sites like Keycode.com for coupon codes and Wow Coupons for printable coupons. I hardly ever shop online or in-store without a coupon. Hey, I'm The Cheap Chica damnit!

  • Thrift store shopping. About half of my wardrobe is from thrifting. You can find some great items by taking your time and digging through the stuff. Check out my tips for thrift store shopping.

  • Hold a swap party. A great way to score free clothes! Invite a few of your stylish girlfriends over, dump your bags on the floor, and swap away!

  • Accessories- instant outfit updater. If I see a trendy accessory that I like, I don't spend a lot of money on it. I shop at places like Forever 21 or Wet Seal for inexpensive accessories to update my wardrobe.
  • Take care of those clothes. I had people criticize me for buying inexpensive clothing that are only going to fall part when you wash them. My clothes have held up really well. I wash all of my clothing in cold water, delicate cycle, with Tide Total Care (my new laundry favorite). Even some clothes that are supposed to be "dry clean only" can be hand washed with no problem.

Got some budget fashion/shopping tips? Holla!

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Weekend finds: Wally World maryjanes

So this weekend, I broke my shopping ban and bought these cute maryjanes from Walmart. I saw F Girl and The Budget Fashionista feature them on their sites and I instantly fell in love with them. When I went grocery shopping this weekend, I made sure I stopped by the shoe section to try these on to see how they look in real life. Not only are they cute in person, but they are comfortable as well. Perfect for work!


Under $5 find

Cheap Chica-licious links 10-16-08

photo source


Star style: Rihanna's Kooba clutch

I heart Rihanna's Kooba clutch, but I don't think I'll drop that kind of money for it. Over $200! Don't think so. I'll go for a cheaper alternative, like this one from Lulu's NYC.

Pop pipe clutch $32 (on backorder until 10/18), Lulu's NYC

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Hating is so not cool

Although this top is tacky-licious, this is the way I'm feeling towards some people right now. Style Nosh and College Fashion did excellent posts on haters, mainly style haters. Sigh. Out of all of the things to worry about in life, people choose to waste their energy hating on one's personal style. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. Are you a victim of style haters or are you the perpetrator?


Today's poll: Are you shopping second hand more due to the rough economy?

Tight economic times have consumers looking for alternative ways save money, driving business at thrift stores to new highs.
"We have had an increase in sales across the board in Southwestern Pennsylvania," David Tobiczyk, Goodwill Industries vice president of marketing and development, said. "The economy plays a good part of it -- but some people just like thrift shopping and seeing what is available."
Goodwill's normal customer demographic used to be women between the ages of 26 and 54 in the middle- to lower-income bracket, Tobiczyk said. But the thrift-store giant has seen that demographic blown away -- it's now catering to entire families.
[continue reading source...]

Excellent article. A couple months ago, the local news in my town did a story similar to this about the increase of thrift store shopping due to the current state of the economy. Since times are getting hard, do you find yourself shopping second hand more and more? Take the poll below.


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Ways to save....on grocery

Times are getting hard, financially speaking. That doesn't mean you have to ball up in a corner and cry, nor is the world going to end. You just have to make some adjustments to your shopping habits and lifestyle, cut a few corners here, cut a few corners there. This is a new post that I'm starting, on things you can do to adjust to the financial crunch. Today is money saving tips for grocery shopping.

  • Buy generic. I know a lot of you out there love buying your name brand stuff, I do too. But have you ever considered buying the generics of some of those items? Store brand items have most, if not all of the same ingredients as it's name brand counterparts are just as good.

  • Take advantage of those buy 1, get one free deals. I do this even if I don't need the second item right away, but it'll be one less thing to buy on my next grocery shopping trip.

  • Make a list and stick to it, and don't go grocery shopping hungry. A lot of people tend to buy things they don't need when they are hungry or go shopping without a list.

  • Coupons, coupons, coupons. They'll always be in the Sunday paper. Cut a few out and use them, or find some online from sites such as Coupons.com and Coupon Mom.

What are some of your money-saving tips for grocery shopping?

And the winner is....

Lakeshia Conyers of Davenport, FL!!!
You've won the Sweet Scents Bohemian cuff bracelet from Pink Cherie. Thanks to all others who have entered as well. Stay tuned for more giveaways!


Weekend finds: Thrift shopping with my cousin

So Sunday morning, my cousin and I decided to do a little thrifting. My cousin is the type of person who rarely goes to a thrift store, so when I took her to one of my favorites, she nearly bought the whole store because of all of the great deals that she snagged. I found a few things myself like a pair of H&M loyal fit jeans for $5, an oversized (and when I say oversized, I mean oversized) straw clutch for $3, a top for $3, and a pair of Old Navy trouser jeans for $1.50 (too bad these didn't fit, that's what happens when you shop at a thrift store with no fitting rooms). Like I said, my cousin damn near walked out with the whole store, she had a lot of stuff. I'm glad she found some great deals. I sure did.

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FORUM TOPIC OF THE DAY: Open relationships/marriages. What do you think about them?

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