This is why I don't f**k with Black Friday

NEW YORK — A man working for discount retailer Wal-Mart was killed on Friday in a stampede by frenzied shoppers who broke down doors and surged into a Long Island, New York store, a police spokesman said.
The 34-year-old man was at the entrance of the Valley Stream Wal-Mart store just after it opened at 5 a.m. and was knocked to the ground, the police report said.
The exact cause of death was still to be determined by a medical examiner.[Continue reading source...]

The way some people act on Black Friday, you would think these stores were handing out free merchandise for people to lose their minds like that. My heart goes out to this man's family. It's a shame he had to lose his life because some idiots out there couldn't wait to get inside of the store. Ridiculous. Question. Why was Wally World closed? Aren't they 24 hours?


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Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals

    Here are a few Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals that came through my inbox over the weekend, so I thought I'd share. While I won't be wrestling the crowds on Black Friday (did that once before, never again), I will check out some of these Cyber Monday deals because, hey, I don't have to leave my house to deal with crazy ass people. From what I hear, the crowds get rough here in Chicaville on Black Friday. I do not want to be a part of that. I'll be at work anyway.

  • Ruche: 20% off entire store (Black Friday 11/28) and 15% off entire store (Cyber Monday 12/1).

  • Wet Seal: Free ground shipping on orders $15 and over (Black Friday). Valid 11/28- 12/5/08. 20% off entire site (Cyber Monday). One day only- 12/1/08.

  • Endless.com: 30% off $75 full priced boots or slipper purchase (Black Friday).

  • Goody's: $10 off $20 or more purchase (Early Bird special 4am-10am 11/28/08 only).

For more Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads, click here, here, and here.


Star style: Rihanna's gathered ankle thong sandals

Sure, it's getting too cold to wear these, but you could wait until spring. I'm not sure what label Rihanna's sandals are, but I found a similar pair from GoJane for about $21. Sweet!

Under $5 find: Botkier for Target clutch

Botkier for Target wristlet $4.99, Target


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Today's video clip: Beyonce on SNL

Check out this clip last night from SNL. Funny funny. Enjoy!


Star style: Zoe Kravitz's boombox ring

I knew I saw that ring somewhere. I couldn't quite put my finger on it at the moment, and then it hit me. I saw it at Girlprops a few months ago. Maybe Ms. Zoe got hers from there. Maybe not.

Ways to save....beauty

Just because the economy is slow doesn't mean we have to let ourselves go when it comes to beauty. Sure, you might have to cut back on that weekly mani/pedi or that bi-weekly shampoo and style at the salon, but have you ever considered doing these things at home or finding a cheaper alternative? Here are a few things that I do to save money on beauty.

  • Drugstore hair products work just as good as the salon products. Sally's Beauty Supply sells a budget friendly line called Generic Value Products, which are generic versions of top salon brands such as Paul Mitchell and Matrix, just to name a few, and work just as well as their more expensive counterparts. I myself use GVP's version of BioSilk and Super Skinny Serum, and I love them both.

  • Wanna get that spa experience at home? Check out Spa Index and click on the "spa at home" tab for recipes for facial masks, scrubs, etc.

  • Do your own manicure and pedicure. Tips for doing your own mani/pedi are here. I use inexpensive nail color brands like NYC and Wet 'N Wild if I want a funky, trendy color, but don't want to spend more than a couple of bucks for it.

  • Get your hair done at a cosmetology school. A lot of people are skeptical about letting trainees practice on their hair, and that's understandable, but they are heavily watched by their instructors. If you don't want them to do anything major to your hair like a color or a cut, just go in for a shampoo and set or a trim. My mom used to go to this local cosmetology school to get her hair shampooed and rollerset, and it came out really good. Getting your hair washed and set for $8! What a deal.

  • Check out the drugstores for makeup. Cheap Chica reader LW scopes out the Walgreens and CVS weekly ads for deals on their makeup. Sometimes they have promotions like buy one, get one half off or buy one get one free on certain makeup brands.

What are some of your money saving tips for beauty?

Riddle me this....

Does anyone see anywhere on this coupon that I can't use it on clearance items? .

The reason I ask is because my friend and I went shopping at our local Charlotte Russe today. I had this coupon on hand, so I decided to use it on our purchase. All of our items happened to be sale items. Here's what happened when I got to the register.
Me: "I have this coupon that I want to use." *hands coupon to cashier*
Cashier: *takes coupon, looks it over* "Hey, Angie*, are we taking these coupons?"
Angie: *takes coupon from cashier* "No. You have to have a coupon signed from the person who gave it to you."
Me: *puzzled look* "Noone gave it to me, it was emailed to me...from Charlotte Russe.com. I signed up for their emails.
Angie: "Let me call another store to find out if we can take this." *dials the number to another store* [on the phone with the other store].....she said they emailed it to her........so we can take it?........and it can only be used on regular priced items, right?.....okay, bye *hangs up the phone*. Since all of your stuff is clearance, you can't use it anyway. Sorry.
Me: It doesn't say on the coupon that I can't use it on sale items.
Angie: Well, the manager at the other store told me that she redeemed these types of coupons and they can't be used on sale items.
Me: Okay...... *still confuzzled*
I still purchased the items, but correct me if I'm wrong. I know it says on the coupon that it can't be used in conjunction with any other discount offer, but doesn't that mean it can't be used with another coupon? Or is clearance considered a discount offer? What do y'all think? Was the cashier right or should I have gotten my discount?
*not her real name



Star style: Vanessa Simmons' fringe booties

I love the fringe ankle booties that Vanessa Simmons have on. I'm sure she paid a pretty penny for them, but you know The Cheap Chica got your back when it comes to finding less expensive versions.


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Stealing from Goodwill. Wrong or right?

Here's a video clip and article from my local news on people stealing from Goodwill donation centers. This goes on all the time around here. The people on the video just happened to get caught in the act. Here's my two cents. I think it's a damn shame that these people would stoop this low. If you want to go score free stuff from somewhere, go dumpster diving or look on Craigslist. Don't take away from an organization that sell the donations to make a profit to help people in need. I told a coworker about this and they saw nothing wrong with it. To this coworker, it's just stuff laying around that anybody should take if they want it. The donator doesn't care what happens to it, just as long as it's out of their way. Wow. What do you think? Is it wrong or is it just stuff that people can take if they want. Discuss.


Congrats to....


Chica, you are the winner of the Golden Letter bracelet from Pink Cherie. Thank you to everyone who has entered! Stay tuned for next month's giveaway from Pink Cherie!


Cute fall styles @ Payless

New fall styles are in at Payless, and they have quite a cute selection. Can't wait until another BOGO sale comes? I have a coupon for 15% off your in-store purchase. Email me for the coupon.

new payless styles by cheapchica

The Cheap Chica Swap Shop

So I'm trying my hand at this swapping thing one more time. I've started a group within The Cheap Chica Social Network called The Cheap Chica Swap Shop. The rules are outlined there. If you have unwanted items and would like to swap with fellow CCSN members, post them up. So far, I only have some of my stuff up, so I encourage everyone to post up some stuff that you don't want. If you're not a CCSN member yet, what are you waiting for? Join now!


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Found at Wally World: Argyle tights

I've been on the hunt for a pair of cute patterned tights for some time now to wear with my skirts and cute sweater dresses this fall/winter. I like these, but I wanted a pair that wasn't too crazy for work. I was on my grocery shopping trip this past Sunday at Walmart when I decided to check out the hosiery aisle. I wanted to see if they had anything else besides knee highs and control top sheer pantyhose when lo and behold, there they were- a pair of argyle tights. They only had them in grey and black, but that's okay, they're perfect for the office. The price was perfect, too. $5, baby!


Cheap Chica giveaway #8: Golden Letter bracelet from Pink Cherie

It's giveaway time again! Up for grabs is the Golden Letter bracelet from Pink Cherie. It is part of the Love Letter Collection and is on sale now for $18.20 (that's with 30% off discount). But, one of you lovely Chicas out there don't have to worry about paying one red cent for it. Just email me your name, city, and state, with Golden Letter bracelet in the subject area, and I will randomly pick a winner. Open to US residents only. Must be 18 years or older. Contest ends Sunday November 9th at 11:59 pm eastern time. Good luck!

And if you don't win, don't worry. The lovely folks over at Pink Cherie are celebrating Pinksgiving, and they are giving everyone 30% off everything in the store, plus a free gift with every purchase, no coupon codes needed. While you're over there, check out their new clothing collections- Diamond Diaries and the P. Cherie Lux Series. I am loving this trench from the P. Cherie Lux collection:
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