Wet Seal carry plus sizes now

While browsing one of my favorite spots for affordable fashion, Wet Seal, I noticed that they are carrying a few items in plus sizes. I'm not talking about the largest size being XL (depending on who you talk to, that is plus-size to them confused), I'm talking about sizes up to XXXL. Right now, they don't have very many pieces and they're only available online. Maybe they're just testing these few items out to see how well they will sell? Hopefully, they will start selling them in-store and others will hop on the bandwagon as well. Forever 21, I'm looking at you, lol.

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Have a fun (and cheap) New Year's Eve

    Want to have fun tomorrow night, but don't have $75 to go to some club and celebrate New Year's Eve (yeah, there's a local club that's charging anywhere from $75- $150 to get in. I won't be going)? Here are some fun and affordable ways that I celebrate my New Year's.

  • If there's something going on around town- for FREE or really inexpensive- cruise by there and enjoy the festivities. I know here in Chicaville, they have an annual ball drop that's free, but I think you have to pay a few bucks for parking.

  • New Year's house parties are always fun, especially my family's. Be sure to bring a bottle of wine or a dish. Throw a potluck at your house. That way, everyone can bring a dish. Affordable and easy!
  • Stay home and watch some New Year's Eve programs on TV. Invite some friends over and reminisce about every thing that went on this year.

What are you doing for New Year's Eve?


For sale: My Ebay listings

Just a couple of things I got listed on Ebay. I'm cleaning out my closets pretty early. I'm not waiting for spring, lol. Help a sista out, if you're interested, and I'll hook you up with half off shipping if you win the auction. Just mention that you're a Cheap Chica reader at auction's end.

Cheap Chicalicious links 12-29-08


Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual sale starts tomorrow!!!

I thought these sales usually start in the middle of January, but that's good their getting an early start. I need some new undergarments. Time to spend some of that Christmas money, lol.


Designer way vs. The Cheap Chica way


Gucci Babouska studded boot $1516.00, Bluefly



"Studs" boot $250.00, Bakers

What did you get for Christmas?

I hope everyone got what they've wanted for Christmas this year. I didn't ask for a whole lot, but I love the gifts that I've received.

What I got:

  1. Chi flat iron: I needed a new one. After my old Chi went MIA sometime ago, my hair couldn't live without it. Don't get me wrong, I don't use it every single day, but when I want that silky straight look, nothing else does it like a Chi. Mr. Cheap Chica saw the agony I was going through without my beloved flat iron, so he got me a new one. Hallelujah!

  2. A pair of boots: I wanted another pair of black boots and there were a few pairs I'd been eyeballing. I received these from my fashionista aunt and I love them. They're kind of like my Mossimo Kiley boots that I got, but these are the American Eagle brand from Payless.

  3. Clutch from one of my good friends. Another one to add to the collection, lol.

  4. $20 Wally World gift card: Now, this is actually a re-gift from my grandmother-in-law. She'd gotten it from a Christmas raffle at her job, but she says she has no use for it because she doesn't shop at Walmart. The closest one is "too far" from her house. Okay. Works for me.

What did you get for Christmas?


Get 10% off @ Wet Seal

Email me if you would like this coupon. I will forward it to you.

Cheap Chicalicious mail: I may need your help on this one

I am looking for a replica of Ashanti's dress worn on 106th and Park. It is a black and white gingham dress. The dress is shown on "I Like Your Style" dated in March of 2008. Thanks

I remember this post that Sylvia did, and if I'm not mistaken, the dress that Ashanti has on is from Diane Von Furstenberg? Correct me if I'm wrong. Ms. Anita needs a much inexpensive version of this dress, and after days of trying to comb the internet in between work and home life, I came up empty handed. I'm sorry I've failed you *teardrops falling, lol*. So, if any of you kind Cheap Chicas out there have a clue as to where Ms. Anita can find a replica of this dress, drop a link in the comments. Thank you. The Cheap Chica loves you *smootches*.

Where the deals are...

  • Wet Seal: Buy 2, get 1 for $0.01. In stores only today (12/26) and tomorrow (12/27). Find a store.
  • Banana Republic: Take 20% off sale items. Coupon code: EXTRA20. Expires 1-1-09
  • Old Navy: Up to 75% off clearance. Check it out!
  • Charlotte Russe: Up to 50% off storewide (in store only). $9.99 sweaters, outerwear 50% off, denim $14.99 and up. Now until 12-31-08. Find a store.
  • Forever 21: 50% off select sweaters. Today only in-stores and online.
  • Rue 21: Mega sale. Select items from $2-$10 throughout the store. Today only. Find a store.

Got an after Christmas sale you want to share? Leave it in the comments!


See you after X-Mas

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I will back after the holiday. I want to leave you all with one of my favorite Christmas songs from my childhood, and it's still a favorite besides the Hippopotamus song. Enjoy your holiday!

Steal of the day: Grey suede ankle booties @ Payless

Twist Bootine
$10 (on sale), Payless

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Cheap Chicalicious mail: What to wear with this top on New Year's Eve

Dear Cheap Chica,
I bought this top from Forever 21, and I was planning on wearing it with black skinny pants and heels to a New Year's party. Should I accessorize it? I don't want to add too many accessories because it already has sequins up top
.- Casey

I love this top. I was thinking about getting it myself. To answer your question, I would just do maybe a bold ring and a clutch. Like you said, it already has sequins on top, so adding a necklace (in my opinion) would be a little much. However, if you wear your hair up, you could add a pair of hoop earrings. If the hair is worn down, just stick with the ring and the clutch. Hope that helps and have fun!

  1. top $13.50, Forever 21
  2. clutch $19.80, Forever 21
  3. black skinny pants $24.50, Wet Seal
  4. ring $5.80, Forever 21
  5. strappy heels $25, Target

Weekend finds: Finishing my holiday shopping at T.J. Maxx

I didn't want to do it, being the weekend before Christmas and all, but I had to finish holiday shopping. I didn't have time during the week because of work, so I had to brave the traffic and the crowds. Mr. Cheap Chica and I ended up going to TJ Maxx.
Sidenote: Let me explain something to y'all. I like TJ Maxx, I really do. But only the ones outside of Chicaville. For some strange reason, the three TJ Maxx stores that are in my area are. not. that. great. I hardly ever find anything I like out of either of them. Yesterday was different, though. Maybe it was because I was shopping for other people that I just happened to find some stuff.
Anyway, the people left to buy on my list were my cousin's baby, one of my good friends, and my fashionista aunt. Here's what I found:

Dereon clutch (yeah, I know, more Dereon): This one if for my fashionista aunt. She admired my Dereon purse that I bought a couple of weeks ago, she wanted one for herself. She wanted to borrow mine, but I know if she got her hands on it, I wouldn't see it again. I got her this clutch for when she hits the town with her buddies and she wouldn't have to worry about carrying a purse on her shoulder all night.

Carter's onesie: This is for my cousin's baby. She isn't born yet, but I figure I should give it to my cousin for Christmas instead of waiting for her baby shower. I don't do baby showers so I won't be attending. I also bought a 2-set of pants for her also.

Baby Phat handbag: For my good friend. She is a Baby Phat fanatic. I couldn't decide on this one, or this one
I like the above one because of the design and the shape of it. But, it's smaller than the second one and my friend love bigger handbags, so I went with the second one.

I just happened to find something that I like..... but unfortunately, it didn't fit as well as I thought it would. New Year's resolution, lose weight, lol.

Well, now that the hard part is over, I hope everyone like their gifts. I am ready for Christmas. Are you?

Star style portfolio: Rihanna

I don't know about anybody else, but I think Rihanna should be crowned #1 Trendsetter of 2008, lol. The girl has great style, and this edgy look that she introduced to us last year really works for her. Here are a few Rihanna-esque pieces that I've found:

photo sources l to r: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8 click pic to enlarge

  1. "Vero" neon platform $22.80, Forever 21. Just like Rih's Giambattista Valli heels, but at a fraction of the cost.
  2. Rihanna loves her Members Only latex leggings. The girl practially lived in them. Latex leggings $19.50, Wet Seal.
  3. Belted Corset $27, Charlotte Russe
  4. Neon nail polish $3, Hot Topic. When neon nails ruled this summer, Rih was spotted with just about every neon color of the rainbow.
  5. Studded cuff bracelet $10, Hot Topic. An edgy look won't be complete with out studs.
  6. Rih makes laid back casual look oh so chic. And the go-to, laid back casual shoe? Converse Chuck Taylors of course. Converse Chucks $40, Finish Line.
  7. Jazz up a plain tank and jeans combo with a funky scarf. Abstract animal print scarf $8.50, Wet Seal.
  8. Funky 80's inspired sunglasses $7.50, Wet Seal

Ways to save... on books, music, and movies

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts. Here are ways to save on books, music, and movies...

Books and Magazines:
  1. Check out books and magazines from the library. Hello, can we say free? Free always, unless you don't turn them back in on time, and the fees start adding up.
  2. Have a fave magazine that you're always buying from the store at $4 a pop every month? The cheap (and smart) thing to do is just buy a subscription. Depending on the magazine, subscriptions are generally under $20 a year, so you'll save about $28. Or, borrow a current issue from a friend if she subscribes to your favorite magazine.
  3. Check out Digi-zines.com to read issues of some magazines online- for free.
  4. Book Mooch lets you swap your unwanted books with fellow swappers. Check it out.

TV, DVD's, and Video games:

  1. Love video games, but can't afford to plop down $30-$60 on a brand new game? A lot of video game stores, Game Stop being one of them, have used games you could buy for a fraction of the cost of a brand new one. You can also check out Game Fly, where you could rent games for a monthly fee- sort of like Netflix.
  2. Speaking of Netflix, rent dvd's- with no late fees and usually a short wait to receive movies- for a small fee a month on some plans. *shameless plug* Netflix lets you rent, watch and return DVDs from home - Try free for 2 weeks
  3. Check out swapping sites such as Swap A DVD and Swap Tree to trade your unwanted dvd's and video games with fellow traders.
  4. Watch select tv shows and movies for free at Hulu or Modern Feed for select tv shows. You can also check out the network's website for replays of a missed episode.


  1. Looking for used Cd's on the cheap? Check out Half.com and Amazon for used CD's for the fraction of the cost of a brand new one. Sometimes, if there is a particular CD that I'm looking for that the music stores don't carry, I check out these sites for it.
  2. More swapping..... check out Swap A CD (a sister site of Swap A DVD)
  3. When I'm at work, I'm always listening to a streaming radio station. It mellows me out. Browse thousand of different genres on sites like Live 365 ( they have my fave neo-soul stations) and Pandora (lets you create stations based on your favorite songs or artists) and stream away.


Storewide sale @ Neiman Marcus Last Call stores

What: Storewide sale at Neiman Marcus Last Call Store.

Why: So you can score some designer items on the cheap that's why. Plus, if you use your NM credit card, you get an extra 20% off your purchase. Now, tell me that ain't a deal? It's a shame we don't have a NM Last Call Store here. Oh wait, there's one in Orlando. Mwuaaahhhh.

Recent purchase: My new boots

So today, I finally received my Mossimo "Kiley" boots from Target after waiting for them for over a month. When I first spotted these boots a few months ago, they were almost sold out then. I called just about every store here and they told me that the boots weren't available in storesevil. So I had to wait for them while they were on backorder, but it was worth the wait, I love them! They are the most comfortable boots ever, and I love the color. I can't wait to wear them out this weekend. They are completely sold out in this color online and I don't think they have them in the stores yet, but they do have them in gray, black, and brown. Not bad for thirty bucks!


Star style: Britney's swing coat

Britney Spears was spotted this past weekend in Japan wearing the Ben Sherman Chinchester swing coat from the Amazon Apparel store.

Looks like Ms. Brit Brit is a Cheap Chica, too. Here are some other cute swing coats that I've found for under $100

[click pic to enlarge]
  1. Honee plaid swing coat $60, Overstock
  2. Cape collar swing coat $89, Newport News
  3. Miss Sixty double breasted swing coat $60, Overstock
  4. Steve Madden houndstooth belted coat $95, Zappos

Warrant issued for man trying to pay ticket with rolled up pennies

NUTLEY, N.J. (CBS) ― A Nutley, N.J. man is putting in his two cents about what he calls a lot of non-cents over a traffic ticket. He has been trying to pay his fine in pennies, but the town is demanding he change his way of paying. "It's very easy to count. It goes in 10s. I mean, there's five rows of 10s," Frank Gilberti said. Gilberti showed 112 rolls of pennies to CBS station WCBS-TV in New York City. He said he thought he could use the coins to pay a traffic fine at the Bloomfield Municipal Court. [Continue reading source....]

First this guy, now this guy. Money is money. At least he tried to pay for his ticket.

Comment of the day

The language is terrible on this blog^^^ Sheez... It's a huge turn off. Grow up and stop with the cursing. It's JUST A COUPON!!!! ITs CHARLOTTE ROUSE!!! THE STUFF IS DIRT CHEAP!!! GOODNESS!!!-this is your blog and you can choose to edit it any way you please... I understand it, but learn to take criticism... instead of just deleting it... - Anonymous 1:23 PM from post "Riddle Me This"..

I'll tell you like I tell everyone else, if you don't like the content of this blog or what is said and how it's said, there's a red "x" at the top right corner of your browser window. Click on it and poof, I'm gone. Stop getting so worked up about stuff that doesn't matter to anyone but you. It's a freakin' blog for crying out loud. I take criticism very well, thank you very much. I put that comments rule in place because I was tired of other commenters getting attacked by nasty commenters (usually "anonymous" people). If you want to talk crap about something or someone in the comments section, why hide behind the "anonymous" tag? Oh, and by the way, it's "Russe", not "Rouse". I don't know how you manage to misspell that when the words were right in front of you.

That is all...


Designer way vs The Cheap Chica way...

RIO peep toe cage bootie Fly Jane

Today's printables and codes


Under $5 find: Skull bedroom slippers

These would make a great gift. I love the argyle ones, too.

Free shipping @ Old Navy

What: Free shipping on every order at Old Navy from 12/14- 12/16/08. Enter coupon code JOY at the checkout.
Why: Why not? I don't think Old Navy has ever had free shipping on any order unless you spend x amount of money. I know their rate of $7 isn't a bad deal for shipping, but free is damn sho' better than $7, don't cha think?

Weekend finds: Holiday shopping @ Marshalls

Wow, I can't believe Christmas is next week. I almost forgot rolleyes. I went to Marshalls yesterday to start my holiday shopping. I'm not buying for many people this year, so I should be done shopping by the end of this week. I found some cute things for my gift recipients- each under $15. And I even walked away with a lil' somethin' somethin' for myself, a Dereon purse. I know a lot of people aren't feeling Beyonce's fashion line, but let me tell you, I wasn't at first until I tried on those skinny jeans I bought a couple of weeks ago. If you're looking for a pair of jeans that fit your curves and don't leave that awful gap in the waist, Dereon jeans are it.

But anyway, there were a lot of items to choose from, and here are a few things I've found to give you ideas on what to get for the ones you love:


Cheap Chicalicious links 12-13-08

  • Wally World is the new hot store in these hard economic times. [The Budget Fashionista]
  • Jillian Lewis's (Project Runway season 4) advice on staying recessionista chic. [IVillage Steals and Deals]
  • Another one bites the dust... KB Toys files for bankruptcy. [Budget Diva]
  • Celebs are bargain hunters, too. [The F]
  • ASOS is now charging $6 to ship to the US. Hallelujah! Okay Budget Babe, what did you really do? Did you lay the smackdown on somebody at the headquarters, lol.
  • Poster Girl's 5 under $25 holiday gifts from Marshall's and TJ Maxx. Looks like I'll be taking a trip over there to do some holiday shopping. [Fashion Trend Guide]

Spreading the word: Campaign for better vision

During the month of December, the folks over at Reading Glasses Shopper (the same folks who brought you Sunglass Warehouse and Handbag Heaven) will be donating a $1 to PRVAIL (Partners in Restoring Vision and Improving Lives) for every pair of reading glasses they sell on their site. PRVAIL distributes over 700,000 pairs of reading glasses worldwide each year. Help spread the word for this great cause.

Now is not the time to be ungrateful

My husband and I were having a conversation about how ungrateful some people can be and I told him about a conversation that I overheard between a couple of employees at my job. Everyone was given a $50 gift card to Publix with their paychecks yesterday , but I guess that wasn't enough for some peopleevil. Here's a sketch of a conversation I overheard:

Employee 1: "Oh, another Publix gift card. Couldn't they have given us something different this year, like a bonus on our check"?

Employee 2
: "Yeah right. Do you really think they're going to give us a bonus? What am I going to do with a $50 gift card to Publix?[what can't you do with a $50 gift card to Publix?- Cheap Chica] I don't even shop at Publix."[give it to me, asshole, i'll take it.- Cheap Chica]

Employee 1: Cheap muthaf**kas.

Really? You gotta be fucking kidding me. Since I've been working at my current place of employment, we've always received a gift card from Publix every year for Christmas, and every year, someone has something negative to say about it. You're upset because your place of employment thought enough about your punk ass to get you something for Christmas? They didn't have to give you anything. The way this economy is going, be thankful that you have a job for crying out loud. Some people don't have a job right about now. They would love to be in your shoes right now. Hell, they would love to have that $50 gift card that you're complaining about just to put food in their house. That's money for grocery that you don't have to come out of pocket for and you're complaining? What is the world coming to? Geeeeezzzzzz.


Christian Siriano for Payless

photo source

Living on the cheap just got a little more luxe. "Project Runway" winner Christian Siriano has inked a deal with Payless ShoeSource to design a line of inexpensive handbags and footwear – his first ever.
The collection will debut during New York's fashion week in February at Siriano's runway show and will be available for Payless shoppers by fall 2009
. [Continue reading source...]

I know I'm late with this news, but I'm just dying to see what he comes up with for Payless. In case you forgot who the fierce one is, let take a trip down memory lane...


Organization: Re-organizing my necklaces

As my necklace collection continued to grow, it was time to find another way of organizing them. When I first organized them, I thought that those hooks were going to be all I needed. Wrong! The weight of the necklaces were making the hooks almost pop out of the wall. I can't think of the name for this object that my necklaces are hanging (having a major brain fart- all I remember is that my mom used to have a couple of them in the house with various items hanging from them) but I scored it for $0.25 at a yard sale. Yay! New home for my necklaces. One of these days, I'm going to go through some of
them and weed out the ones that I don't really wear anymore just to free up some space.


Today's printables and codes


Save 20% @ Wet Seal

What: For one day only (12-9-08), save 20% off on your entire purchase at Wet Seal.

Why: Here's another chance to save some money on already affordable fashion. They ran this promotion last week for Cyber Monday. I guess it did so well, they brought it back. Sweet! And, if you're a Seal Deal Club member, you get an additional 10% off. Even sweeter!


Star style under $150: Jessica Biel

photo source

  1. jacket $46.80, Forever 21
  2. plaid scarf $7.80, Forever 21
  3. jeans $24.50, Wet Seal
  4. flats $16.99, Go Jane. I know she has on purple suede flats, but I like the snakeskin better.



And the winner of Cheap Chica giveaway #9 is....

Dana Breines!!!
Dana was the first person to email me and correctly answer the movie trivia question for the Vanessa bangle from Pink Cherie:
In the movie Juno, Juno's stepmom had her own business. What was the name of the business and what kind of business was it?
The answer? Juno's stepmom, Bren, owned a nail parlor called "Bren's Ten". Thanks to all of the Chicas who've entered. Stay tuned for another giveway real soon!


Another chance to score $12 Denim @ Old Navy

The last time they were having this sale, I was on my shopping ban. Well, the ban is broken and I may just pop in this time and buy a couple of pairs of jeans. Stop by your local Old Navy store tomorrow (12-6-08), and load up on some new jeans.


Today's printables and codes

  • Goody's: 25% off any single item. There's coupons for 12/4, 12/5, and 12/6/08.

  • NY & Co.: Free shipping on $50 or more purchase. Coupon code: 7274. Expires 12-14-08

  • Kohl's: Free shipping on $50 or more purchase. Valid 12/5- 12/6/08

  • Mandee: 25% off your purchase. Expires 12-7-08
  • Arden B: 20% off your order. Coupon code: OurGift08. Expires 12-7-08
  • E.L.F: 50% off bath and body products. Coupon code: BATH50. Expires 1-1-09


Designer way vs. The Cheap Chica way

(left) Designer: Gucci "Hysteria" python bag [photo source]

(right) Cheap Chica way: Hysteria faux python leather hobo $48, Accessory Bug. Save 20% off this tote and any other tote when you use coupon code holiday20 at the checkout. Offer ends Jan. 31, 2009.

Cheap Chica giveaway #9: Pink Cherie Vanessa II Fashion Designer Bangle Bracelet

Hi Chicas! Ready for another giveaway? I know you are. The lovely ladies over at Pink Cherie is hooking y'all up with yet another piece of fabulous jewelry. It is the Vanessa II Fashion Designer Bangle Bracelet, and it is in the Love Letter Collection. The first person to email me the correct answer to this movie trivia question wins.
Q. In the movie Juno, Juno's stepmom had her own business. What was the name of the business and what kind of business was it?
Email the answer to cheapchicagiveaways@gmail.com with "vanessa bangle" in the subject. You must answer both parts of the question to win. Must be 18 years or older and a resident of the US. Past Cheap Chica giveaway winners are not eligible. Sorry. Contest ends 12-5-08 at 11:59 pm EST. Good luck!
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