Cheap Chicalicious tip of the day

January is definitely the month to hit up your local thrift stores. A lot of people I know rush to make that end of the year donation so they can get a tax deduction, and some people I know start doing their spring cleaning early, too, so that means the stores will be loaded with lots of thrifty, nifty finds. Can't wait until I go on my next thrift shopping excursion.

Thrift store directories:
The Thrift Shopper
Thrifty Planet
Salvation Army


TeeThymeDiva said...

I hit my local GW and the goodies hadn't hit the floor yet. I will be going back in a couple weeks to see what I can see. Happy hunting!!

budget chic said...

Hey lady,

Sear is having some really good sales right now and they have some well made clothes. I got a lined pencil skirt the other day for $15 dollars.

The Cheap Chica said...

^^^ i need to stop by there sometime this weekend. i rarely go in there, though.

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