Cheap Chicalicious tip of the day

Did you know that Sally's Beauty Supply sell a line of products called Generic Value Products? They are basically generic versions of salon hair product lines such as Chi, Paul Mitchell, Redken, as well as others. In my stash, I have the the GVP versions of BioSilk, Super Skinny Serum, Chi Silk Infusion, and Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, and they work as well as their more expensive counterparts. I've noticed that you get more product, too. For instance, a 6oz bottle of GVP Silk Remedy is $8.99 ($8.49 if you have a Beauty Club card). Chi Silk Infusion is about $11 for a 2oz bottle (depending on where you go, it's a little bit more). Have you tried any of the GVP products?


Rai said...

I haven't tried any.
I go into Sally's every now and then.

May need to check that out.

TeeThymeDiva said...

I've tried them, their not too bad.

TiraMisu said...

I've never used those products, but Sallys has an exclusive line called Silk Elements that I truly ADORE.

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