First Lady style: Michelle Obama's Inagural gown

Wasn't First Lady Obama stunning in her Inaugural gown designed by Jason Wu? Edressme now has a similiar dress for $320. It's now available for pre-order and will ship out in mid-March. Just in time for prom or any other formal event you have going on.

gown $320 (pre-order), EdressMe


Wicked said...

You know these Michelle Obama knock-off dresses (several I've seen so far) are sort of what your Gucci bag was to you.

On the one hand it's great that her dress was so beautiful and it might inspire other women to try a lovely new style.

On the other hand there's something a little...unauthentic about so many designers encouraging women to simply mimic her style.

If the dresses were simply interpretations, or were more inspired by than copied from I'd have no problems - but mostly it seems more like encouraging a lack of creativity and personal style than anything else.

One great thing about Michelle Obama is her confidence. She is confident enough to go to an unknown designer rather than a tried and true name-brand. Confident enough to not feel the need to spend thousands when a modest amount will still look good.

Best of all, confident enough to play by her own style rules and not copy anyone.

Shouldn't we be honoring the spirit of that confidence more rather than simply trying to dress up in it?

Dwana said...

So, I like the dress but I thought the strap was too much. I know why it was placed but I would have preferred a clear (thinner) strap.
As for the knock off. Umm, the designer should have had that gown fitted for her or used another model. Her bra...umm, the side boob...umm, the top just doesn't fit.

budget chic said...

Wow, they jumped all over that real quick didn't they. Nice version though.

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